7 Creative Ideas for Digital Signage in Restaurants to Boost Customer Experience

Let’s start with a happening fact. The global digital signage market is going to hit a market size of around 30 billion dollars within 2024 with a CAGR of 9% from 2018 to 2024. Further, 80% of businesses including restaurants that installed digital signage have seen a steep 30% growth in their yearly sales volume.

Already more than 56% of the global hotel chains use digital signage in their restaurants and the rest are adopting this digital signage ecosystem rapidly.

Admittedly they are working on a single principle – connect with your restaurant footfall visually.

Deliver them a visual experience that is on another level through digital signage display boards. It’s a marketing channel for you to create a unique customer experience.

Similarly, in this article, we will focus on the same by aggregating some creative usage ideas for digital signage in your restaurant to streamline the business process that can save you tons of bucks.

This article is for those business owners/leaders who want to roll up their sleeves to adopt the global digital transformation that is happening, even within brick-and-mortar stores, to deliver a better customer experience to their in-store footfall.

With these creative ideas for restaurant digital signage, we will be focusing on a bunch of real-life business parameters along with marketing opportunities like:

  • Benefits of a digital menu card
  • Streamlining of business (both staff & customers)
  • upselling
  • Customer handling
  • Displaying of Social media wall

let’s start.

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Why should Menu Cards be on Digital signage display boards?

menu cards on a digital signage in a restaurant

Handwritten paper menu cards have been here for the last 300 years. And, it’s needless to say that they incur a huge cost on the overall running budget of any restaurant. So, what are the exact limitations of the printed menu cards?

You can start with these:

  • At least 3 to 5 times a restaurant changes its menus, yearly. That means the whole menu card gets printed 3 to 5 times yearly even if it has 50 pages in it. It’s inevitable and it’s iterative. A hundred to thousands of dollars is invested in this.
  • The ‘What’s special today’ section gets missed as many restaurants depend on the local material supply and at times things do not get over-delivered due to availability. Printed menu cards can not handle this daily noise in menu items.
  • A printed menu is a great thing but interactive.
  • Statistics say that more than 30% of diners get influenced by the dishes available on the menu cards. A proper and picturesque display of menu items creates the ‘mouthwatering’ effect on the diners even before they order food.
  • Handling and maintenance of printed menu cards are both time-consuming and expensive as the paper gets soiled easily due to abrasive usage.

Eventually, the restaurant world got more dynamic during the last 30 years, and printed menu cards oppose many challenges to go with this digital transformation.

How does a smart digital signage menu display offer a solution to these issues?

waiter serving food to customer in a restaurant

Technically, smart digital signage displaying your menu items solves many issues.

  • Menu Items: A connected digital signage enables you to change your menu items whenever it’s needed. And, you can change it from wherever you want, even from your smartphone. No extra bucks are needed.
  • Delivery and menu optimization: Depending upon the availability of your groceries and other input materials you can change the menu on a daily basis. Further, you will be able to put the ‘Today’s special’ or ‘Chef’s special’ on a special corner of your digital signage display board on an ‘as it happens’ basis.
  • Human touch: You will be able to design your menu items depending upon the choices of the customers and treat them, especially by telling them what they ordered last time at your restaurant – a special touch.
  • Centralized Control: Like any digitally connected system smart digital signage offers its most important feature – centralized control. Your managers can access the entire menu system on the go. They adjust the prices of the menu within a moment’s notice. Further, this whole process slashes the downsides of a manually handled system in many ways.
  • Reduced wait time: A centrally controlled large digital signage display board streamlines communication between the managers and the staff. Further, it also enhances communication between the managers and the customers. As a result, your restaurant receives better productivity, less turn-around time, and overall profitability.

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Order management & instant Display

food items displayed on digital signage in a restaurant

Order management becomes a really ‘new thing’ with handheld interactive digital signage display boards. Diners can order their favorite dishes right from the table through interactive digital displays. In addition to that, if you have a walled digital signage display installed, you can instantly display special menu items according to every order placed by your dinners.

An appealing visual of food items will push your diners to order more, instantly. Statistically, 80% of restaurant customers make an unplanned purchase if the food items are displayed in an attractive way on big digital signages.

Customer Handling: Angry to Hungry

the Frenchie restaurant serving to customers

Entertain your diners during waiting time as a recent survey says that 40% of diners from the USA think that digital signage positively influences their overall purchasing decision.

Everyone hates the waiting time between the order placing and delivery. Often times diners get hungry to angry mode if this waiting time is considerably long. Now, good restaurants use this waiting time in many innovative ways.

This waiting time is a necessary evil for any restaurant and interactive digital signage can turn your waiting customers into happy customers by delivering them a stunning visual experience. With a brilliant display of your restaurant’s rich history or with similar informative videos of your kitchen and dish preparation process you can divert their minds and glue their attention to the screen until the food gets delivered to their tables.

Increase Upsell with Digital Signage

digital signage boards in a restaurant

A digital signage system delivers a 31.8% increase in the sales volume when upsell is concerned.

Every popular restaurant has its own loyalty programs, happy hours, discount offers, and deals. You can always entice your diners to these upselling approaches by displaying these promotions on digital signage boards in a visually brilliant way. It’s a good sign for upselling your merchant goods in this fashion.

Thankfully, smart digital signage display panels enable you to upsell your dishes in a special way too. With each order from your diners, you can display other food items that go well with those orders like a special dessert or something similar with creative images of those items displayed. Further, you can upsell non-food items like local handmade artifacts and other delicacies that fall under the thematic match with the dishes you offer.

Social media walls on digital signage

digital signage board in pantry_cafe restaurant

Proudly display your social presence to win more users through your brand trust.

This is the best part of this story. Display your social media wall on your smart digital signage screen and earn user trust.

Today, every business that lives on the web has its own social presence. And, being a popular restaurant, you do have your social presence too. You can smartly display your social voice on the digital signage system and show your diners what other diners and your followers are saying about you on different social media platforms.

In this user review-centric business world you need to use your users to inject that trust into your new diners. You can display a specific social media profile where your user hangs out. And, you can also integrate all your social media feeds and streams that integrated feed on the digital signage screen.

Your social media wall, when displayed in a real-time social feed, connects with your new footfall instantly. And, like all other social content, your diners will love to consume this social feed and it will also entertain them and educate them about your services.

An informed diner when engages with your restaurant socially he tends to visit your restaurant more often.

The result?

You wowed them with the smart display of your social media wall. And, you have earned a new follower.

Smart. Right?

Eventually, in order to build your social media wall, you need a versatile social media aggregator & UGC platform.

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Kooyal Aggregator as social media aggregator

That’s where Kooyal Aggregator walks in.

social media aggregator app kooyal aggregator

Kooyal Aggregator is a social media aggregator and UGC platform that aggregates social content from multiple social media platforms and integrates them into an optimized social media feed. And, you can inject this feed into any size of digital signage display including your restaurant’s website.

With a versatile social media aggregator, it gets easy to build your social media wall that you can throw into any kind of smart digital signage display.

With Kooyal Aggregator, the entire process is dead simple.

  • Launch Kooyal Aggregator.
  • Sign-up with your official email.
  • Create a ‘new collection’.
  • Add your social media profiles as sources.
  • Let it pull up social content from your sources in under a minute.
  • Customize the style, layout, and other related parameters of your integrated social feed.
  • Publish it.
  • Select the destination type (website or other digital signage display).
  • Get the embed code.
  • Embed the code in the right place that you require.
  • You are done.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the entire process for any person even without any technical knowledge. We have designed Kooyal Aggregator’s user interface in such a way that everyone, coming from different levels of technical knowledge, can work the setup process in minutes.

Lastly, if you want to know more about social media aggregation and how your brand/business can benefit from it, feel free to bug us with your queries.

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