7 powerful social media aggregator platforms for brands in 2022

Social media aggregator apps and platforms already have moved ahead from just being a budding concept in recent years. These apps are setting a new benchmark in how a brand communicates with its users by displaying its social content across different marketing channels. In 2021, brand success is redefined, and, without any doubt, it is user-centric.

Social media aggregator tools are here to ensure the same thing for your brand by narrowing the gap between your brand and your users. Keeping that in mind, we have aggregated a list of the most powerful social media aggregator platforms for your business/brand that can win this race for you in 2021.

Technically, there are different purposes or functional areas of a versatile social media aggregator app like:

  • Building a social media wall for events, seminars, and other social gatherings
  • Embedding social media feed on your website.
  • Creating shoppable content for eCommerce websites or online stores.

And, we will analyze all of these social media aggregators & UGC platforms through these parameters to bring the best understanding to you.

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Hi! We are Aggregator – we position your social media feed anywhere.

social media aggregator app kooyal aggregator

Yes, we are budding and we are the versatile social media aggregator that you are looking for your brand. We are here to empower businesses and brands to integrate their social media feeds as they want them.

Simply position your social content anywhere you want them to be. It can be your website and other marketing touchpoints like digital billboards, signage, e-commerce store, and in-store social wall. We do understand the complexity of the modern business demands and we have crafted the features of our social media aggregator app in that way.

Here are some of the Aggregator’s features:

  • Integration to all of the major and popular social media platforms, and while you are reading we are picking more on the way for your brand.
  • The whole setup is equally simple for non-techie to tach-savvy people.
  • Gallery of preset themes that are ideal for any marketing channels and omni-sized display boards.
  • Kooyal Aggregator Ellora open-source library lets you fully customize your social media feeds.
  • Integrate you social feed to popular website building platform like WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Ghost.
  • Easily create social media feeds both for mobile and web apps.
  • Our API documentation makes it easy for coders to toy with their social media feeds.

Taggbox – Social media aggregator platform for enterprises

social media aggregator platform Taggbox

Taggbox is one of the biggest names in the social media aggregator niche. Probably, it’s the best tool when it comes to churning your user-generated content and make the most out of it. Basically, Taggbox is the most versatile application in this social media aggregator niche that is strongly coupled with user-generated content aka social posts.

There are tons of features that come with Taggbox in terms of performance, integration, functionality, and versatility. Some of the talismanic features that Taggbox offers are:

  • Best UGC platforms to aggregate and publish fresh user generated content anywhere you want.
  • It covers most of the popular and upcoming social media platforms that cater to your brand’s marketing approaches.
  • Easily create social walls for different marketing touchpoints
  • Ecommerce suport with Instagram UGC and other shoppable social gallaries
  • Dedicated widget to add social feeds to any webpage
  • Unparalleled UGC rights management system to repurpose UGC

Pick any one or all of these, Taggbox delivers a standard performance everywhere. But, it’s pricey too for any business that is working with a tight budget.

Curator.io – best free social media aggregator for any brand

social media aggregator platforms curator.io

Simplicity is key with Curator.io. They are pretty vocal about the social embed code their social media aggregator app generates. It’s just 13 lines of code. Simple and lightweight. Factually, Curator.io is a valid contender on this list and it is making a buzz in this niche.

Along with the simplicity they have an array of other handy features. The most influential feature among all of those is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up everything within minutes with curator.io.

Further, there are other important attributes like:

  • Supports a wide range of existing social media platforms
  • Easy customization to match target webpage’s theme
  • Minimal or no time wastage in learning the tool
  • Clean interface to work with
  • Mobile-friendly application
  • Full control over the embed code in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • JavaScript makes the code SEO friendly

As their tagline says, curator.io is the free-forever social media aggregator app for your business. And, that’s awesome. They also have competitive pricing plans which start from $25 to $200 a month and the paid version of this app offers more features like multiple user accounts, API access, and advanced user management.

Juicer.io – best social media aggregator app for building social media wall

social media aggregator platform juicer.io

Juicer.io is another alternative to Taggbox on this list of social media aggregator niches. Technically, juicer.io has all the abilities to put up a tough fight against any social media aggregator app on this list along with Taggbox.

Currently, Juicer.io connects with sixteen social media platforms and that’s a real positive side for brands working with it. Further, along with social media aggregation, this app also works as a content aggregator.

Surely, there are some strong features that it packs with it like:

  • It has a versatile set of 7 business templates to enable users to design the perfect social widget for their websites.
  • A versatile social media aggregator application that caters to various business verticals
  • Easy to set up filters
  • The content moderation process is fairly spartan.
  • The output embed code performs equally with any size of displaying platform.
  • Has a dedicated plugin for WordPress Websites.
  • Automated social feeds updating process.

Juicer.io is not only best for your brand’s website. It is also one of the best social media aggregator tools that work fine if you plan to build your brand’s social media wall. Coming to its pricing plans, Juicer has a forever free plan for small businesses and budding brands along with its paid versions that cater from medium to enterprise-level business.

Socialmediawall.io – best for business verticals that heavily use social media walls.

social media aggregator platform socialmediawall.io

As the name suggests, socialmediawall.io is best known for its special ability to create social walls for any brand. Simply gather all your social media feeds into one single stream of feed and paint it on big digital signage or on your brand’s website.

Further, you can also integrate this stream with your application, and the fun thing is you can print them too. But, as a social media aggregator socialmediawall.io doesn’t offer that many premium features. That’s being said, if you are looking for a simple and cheap social media aggregator app for your business that can serve your purpose then it’s a good fit for you.

The handy features are:

  • It supports a few but major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Gather social content based on a wide range of parameters like hashtags, Twitter lists, Facebook pages and RSS feeds
  • The moderation process is easy
  • The output of the feed editor shows how it will get displayed on any digital platform.

Honestly, socialmediawall.io dwells more on the bare minimum side of being a social media aggregator app. Having said that, the WYSIWYG editor along with the other regular features definitely make itself a proud member of this list. And, the best part is its pricing. It’s probably the cheapest social media aggregator tool on this list with a very good freemium bucket.

Spotlyte – Provides best content analytics service

social media aggregator platform spotlyte

The name is surely catchy and as the name says it provides the necessary shape and spotlight to the user-generated content that your brand needs. Spotlyte knows how to curate content efficiently generated both by your brand and your users.

On the pros side, this app knows how to toy with user-generated content and get the most out of it for different marketing channels. Further, it works with the same dexterity whether you are working with digital signage, event wall, or your brand’s website.

On the cons side, Spotlyte is the social media tool for the big brands with their fat marketing budgets. It’s already working with the major brands like Pepsi and Zoggs but its pricing plans are not that optimized for the new and upcoming brands with smaller budgets.

Admittedly, there are some great features that pack with it like:

  • Content moderation is the strongest in comparison to the other apps on this list
  • Choose to display social content related to a specific location
  • Customization is versatile
  • The content analytics service is unmatched. User interaction with the curated contents and their respective performance is clearly visible.

It’s needless to say that for the enterprise level, as a social media aggregation service, Spotlyte is the best out there. On the other hand, if your brand doesn’t require a bagful of premium features, it’s not your cup of tea.

Tagembed – The king of the social Widgets

social media aggregator platform tagembed

Tagembed is a simple social media aggregator tool to locate, curate, moderate, and display social media feeds on different platforms including your brand’s website. This powerful social media aggregator works effortlessly with all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Once you land on its homepage, you will be excited to see the array of social widgets. There is a widget for each social media platform. Further, what makes Tagembed out of the box is its review widgets.

Here are some of its awesome features:

  • No brainer user interface. Setup things pretty fast without any learning time.
  • Supports each social media platform(you can go for a specific social widget too)
  • Strong customization parameters. Everything is under your control.
  • Apart from its API, Tagembed performs equally for all the major website building platforms and CMS.
  • Automation at its peak(frequent social feeds update and others)
  • Power of toying with the custom CSS to match the target theme.
  • Easily generate performance reports of your social campaigns.

With Tagembed there are hardly any cons. Even its pricing plans stand for it. Whether you are a big business, popular e-commerce, or a small brand trying to make your mark, there is always an optimized package for you.

The most important part is that we are here to simplify things for your business. With Aggregator your brand is always covered. Yes, always feel free to bug us with your questions regarding this.

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