7 types of reviews you never knew about!

People can get really creative when giving their opinion about products or services on Google reviews. There are countless articles based on funny reviews and creative reviews. You will find an equal amount of articles for amazon reviews, TripAdvisor reviews and all such rating sites.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the bland reviews. These are usually limited to a word. Even worse are the reviews with no words, just the rating. It shows that the brand had no real impact on the customer. This article checks the various types of reviews you would see while browsing Google reviews.

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No Word Reviews

These reviews come in form of ratings only. Here, the rating serves as the word. This comes from lazy or uninterested customers. This means that the customer wasn’t affected enough by the product or service to leave even a word of review. This kind of person just wants to get it over with.

One Word Reviews

A one-word review is only slightly better than a no-word review. You will see generic words like “Ok”, “Good” or “Nice”. Sometimes there are no words and just emoticons. If you are lucky you will see a word and an emoticon. These reviews also stem from indifference. The brand has been good enough to incite a review, but not good enough to be memorably good. This kind of review can also be expected if the review has been given much later after the sales. 

Generic Reviews

Generic reviews are the ones you see repeated over and over again. They go beyond a word, but never beyond a sentence. These reviews usually feature a couple of adjectives along with customer experience or product features. These reviews can easily be mistaken for fake reviews. It lacks any personal connection. You would also see a lot of corporate buzzwords like customer-focused and good quality. These reviews would definitely help your numbers but won’t make any positive impact on customer decisions.

Complain Reviews

This review comes from customers who want to register a complaint but are not getting a proper response from the customer service department. They look really bad on google reviews. They pop out like a thorn. It shows that the brand hasn’t treated the customer right and haven’t even resolved their complaints.

Unless followed by a pleasing response from the brand, these reviews have a negative impact on customers decisions. This kind of review would make a customer second guess their decision to associate with the brand. This kind of review needs to be dealt with swiftly and delicately.

Just Bad Reviews

In contrast to complaint reviews, bad reviews do not propose a customer problem to be solved. They are just bantering the brand’s image. These reviews would feature lines like “this is bad”, “don’t buy this”, “money wasted” and so on. These reviews can easily be fake reviews posted by competitors. They do not give any substantial information for the bad review. They are just disgruntled anger outlets. They can have a really negative impact on customer decisions. A brand should reply to such reviews or have them reviewed at the earliest.

Other than that Reviews

This kind of review begins with a negative aspect of a product or service. Then it covers up by saying that other than this problem, everything else is alright. For example, “The service at this restaurant is a little slow, other than that it’s good”. This kind of review has a mixed impact on customer decisions. They can either get hung up on the negative side or find it too trivial to affect them.

This kind of review could send the customer looking for other options. They might also assume this negative side as a one-off mistake of the company and ignore it. This kind of review basically tells future customers that if you don’t mind this small aspect, you will be fine.

Best Features Reviews

These kinds of reviews are common for electronic products. As the name suggests, this kind of review highlight the best features of the product or services. This kind of review has a really good impact on customer decisions. In a single review, you get to know what to expect from the product. This is something a brand would highlight anyway. But, when it comes from a customer, it holds extra gravitas.

Pros & Cons Reviews

This kind of review comes from customers who find the need to be benevolent heroes for the benefit of others. They would graciously highlight each and every detail about both sides of the products. These products read like a technical review article. They are reviews in their truest sense. But, unfortunately, these reviews do not say anything conclusive. Their impact on customer decisions comes from the ratings that accompany such google reviews.

Enthusiastic Reviews

This kind of google review comes from customers who have loved your brand. It reads like a fan letter. They go singing praises about the brand, the product, the services, and the features. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish genuine reviews of this kind from fake reviews. They have a wonderful influence on customer decisions. It shows that the brand is good enough to have that kind of impact on a person. You can easily expect brand loyalty from customers who have given this kind of review.

Over-Enthusiastic Reviews

These are amped up enthusiastic reviews. They read more like a love letter from an obsessive stalker than a fan. This kind of review usually includes a heavy recommendation as well. Many times this kind of review also diss on competitors. Over Enthusiastic reviews have mixed impacts on customer decisions.

They are either disregarded or taken way too seriously. This kind of review also raises the bar of expectations from the brand. They want to be as delighted as the person who has written the reviews. These kinds of reviews are rare. If a customer has given this kind of review to your brand, you should wear it like a badge of honour.

Personal Story Reviews

This kind of review can be both good and bad. They are different from other types of reviews in how they present the product or the service. They associate the item with their lives. This kind of review doesn’t focus much on the pros or cons. Their primary focus is the impact that the brand had on the lives of the customers. They are usually long and give context to the significance of the product. The majority of the time, they are interesting to read. They have a heavy impact on customer decisions as they connect on an emotional level. If the story shows a brand in a positive light, it can be a really great marketing tool.

Creative Reviews

These reviews again can be good and bad. It comes from people who wish to express their creativity through google reviews. They usually grab attention quite well. They are also memorable owing to creativity and humour. If positive, they are very marketable as well. The impact of these reviews on customer decisions depend on the information they provide about the product, service or brand. You can find numerous articles and memes about these kinds of reviews throughout the internet.

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