Best Review Sites for Doctors in 2022

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  • Healthgrades
  • Google Business Review 
  • ZocDoc 
  • WebMD
  • Dr. Oogle
  • Facebook Business Page 
  • Real Patient Ratings (RPR) 
  • Realself 
  • CareDash 
  • RealSelf
  • ShareCare 
  • HealthProfs 
  • Conclusion 

Whether you believe it or not, reviews of your practice can be found on review sites. And with so many patients reading and monitoring them, it’s your responsibility to make sure your reviews are accurate, up-to-date, and considered part of business feedback. Getting Started With Online Reviews Can Be Difficult. Especially if you’re looking to turn your positive experiences into reviews.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 websites where patients may look at your healthcare site for free and included every single one of them in a plan that you should monitor for every one of your local hospitals. 


Healthgrades is a website that allows patients to review their medical experiences. The website was founded by Dr. Jordan Rubin in 2014. He saw the need for a platform that allowed patients to share their opinions on their healthcare experiences. Healthgrades has since grown to be one of the most popular patient review websites in the world. 

The website allows patients to rate different aspects of their healthcare experience, including doctors, hospitals, and clinics. Patients can also write comments about their experiences. The website has been praised for its transparency and its ability to connect patients with quality healthcare providers. 

Healthgrades have been used by patients to find quality care and to share reviews of doctors, hospitals, and clinics. The website has been praised for its transparency and its ability to connect patients with quality healthcare providers.

Healthgrades also posts content relating to specific medical conditions and issues in a section named The Right Care, which could be beneficial for patients investigating their conditions or seeking additional information about their care and treatment methods. is one of the most popular online review sites, with over 28 million reviews. It’s also one of the most HIPPA compliant sites, with verified authentic patient reviews. 

What makes so popular?

There are a few things that make so popular. First and foremost, it’s one of the most comprehensive review sites out there. It’s one of the only sites that allows you to read reviews from both verified authentic patients and disgruntled customers. This gives you a more complete picture of what to expect when using a product or service. Finally, Doctor. is a website that provides patients with reviews of various health and wellness services. The website has dozens of questionnaires that patients can fill out to review the service they received, the environment within the service, their experience with the staff, and their overall value for the money spent. 

The reviews are anonymous and based on a variety of questions regarding service, environment, expertise, staff, value, and recommendations. Overall, the reviews are positive with patients rating most services at 4 or 5 stars. Patients seem happy with the variety of services offered as well as the affordability of many of them. 

While there may be some minor issues here and there (most notably inconsistent customer service), overall seems to provide quality services at reasonable prices that often exceed those offered by traditional medical providers. is a website that provides patient reviews of medical professionals. RateMDs has more than 2.6 million ratings of medical professionals, providing patients with a trustworthy resource for choosing a doctor. Patients can rate doctors on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and the site also offers a forum in which patients can ask questions and share experiences. By using RateMDs, patients can find doctors who have received positive reviews and avoid those who have received negative feedback. 

RateMDs enable patients to search their physician directory by name, location, specialty, and gender. The site is additionally equipped with a forum and blog in which patients give their health-related questions, along with a Health News segment for more informative articles regarding health and medicine.

Google Business Review 

The most used and trusted Google review site is Google, which has 66% of patients based their healthcare decisions on it. You have to set up a profile for your company on Youtube in the management of reviews under your resource listing. You can create a profile for your practice within Google My Business. Once your resource profile has been added to your listings, you can provide the basic info and store hours. is a website that allows users to leave reviews of medical providers. These reviews are used to generate ratings and rankings for the providers and are also used to help patients make informed decisions about where to go for care.

Patients who leave reviews on Vitals provide an overall rating (out of 5 stars) and a comment detailing their experience with the provider. Some common comments include feedback on the quality of care received, whether or not the provider answered all of their questions, and how timely the appointment was.

Overall, patients seem to have positive experiences with – especially when it comes to finding quality providers at a reasonable price. Patients can find reviews for any provider that is listed on the site, so there is likely one that meets their needs. 


People are often hesitant to visit a doctor because of the fear of being judged. But one Houston-based startup is looking to change all that by providing patients with an online and mobile app that allows them to browse reviews from other patients before making any appointments.

Zocdoc, which was founded in 2013, has a mobile app and online service that allows patients to browse reviews and book appointments. Patients can also use the app to get information on doctors and find nearby clinics. Zocdoc has more than 250,000 active users and claims to have helped people save an estimated $1 billion in medical costs.

ZocDoc reviews are especially valuable for those who want to know how a provider’s bedside manner is or patient wait time. Injections can also leave a review and are verified so you can be certain you’ll get the most accurate information.

The wellness website has a complete directory of healthcare providers serving multiple locations. The website offers descriptions and reviews of the various healthcare providers, as well as links to their websites. offers a broad range of services, including medical care, diet and fitness advice, mental health services, and more. The website provides detailed information on the services provided by each healthcare provider, as well as contact information for local branches or offices. 

Since the website has a wellness provider program, getting listed on the site can be accomplished via three tiers: Verified, Enhanced, and Featured. All tiers contain a basic profile, which allows you to add your contact info to the site. is an excellent resource for people looking for quality healthcare in a variety of locations and specialties.


WebMD is one of the most popular review sites for doctors. According to a study by Ipsos, 39 

percent of patients consult WebMD before seeing their doctor. This makes it an important source of information for doctors and their patients.

The site allows users to search through reviews from registered health professionals, including doctors. Registered users can also rate and review medical treatments and products.

As one of the three most checked review sites, WebMD is a valuable resource for both doctors and their patients. It allows people to find information on treatments and products before trying them out, which can help avoid potential complications or side effects.

Dr. Oogle

Dr. Oogle is an online resource for patients seeking reviews of dentists. The profiles also include a list of the most commonly used keywords from reviewers, office hours, coupons, and photos and videos. Reviewers can leave text feedback and an overall rating. However, they can also rate the experience based on multiple factors such as results, cost, and hygiene. 

Overall, Dr. Oogle is a great resource for patients seeking reviews of dentists. The profiles are well organized and easy to navigate. Additionally, the website provides helpful information such as office hours and coupon codes. 

Those who log in to their social network accounts can claim a profile with them.

Facebook Business Page 

Facebook is a great way for doctors to stay in touch with patients. By creating a business page, doctors can share important information about their practice, as well as connect with patients who may be interested in learning more about their doctor. This way, patients can get the latest news and information about the doctor’s practice without ever having to leave Facebook. Additionally, businesses that have a Facebook page can also use it to advertise their services to potential patients.

Real Patient Ratings (RPR) 

Real Patient Ratings (RPR), the largest database of verified plastic surgery patient reviews, announced that it has acquired one of the world’s largest databases of verified patient reviews. The database was collected by real patients from around the world and is now available to RPR users. RPR has also partnered with to make sure that all user ratings are verified and accurate before they are displayed on the site. “We are confident that our new database and partnership with will give our users even more information about which surgeons perform the best cosmetic surgeries,” said RPR Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michael Salzhauer.

Surgeons can enroll in RealPatientRatings by visiting Vizium360, which created the RealPatientRatings platform.


Realself is a website that provides doctors with a way to review their patients and share their experiences with others. This site is specifically for doctors, as it allows them to connect with patients and provide feedback on their care. 

According to Realself, this site has helped over 1 million people find the right doctor and improve their health. The site also offers a forum where doctors can discuss patient care and offer advice. 

Realself is unique because it allows patients to review their own doctor experiences. This gives people the opportunity to find a doctor who will take care of them in the best way possible.

Providers may include numerous elements on their profile, such as deals, links to third-party sites, and a Q&A area. Individuals who want to acquire more info on a topic can go to a site providing profile information, enter information like board certification, name, email address, and website, and related information may be discovered. Check out our handy RealSelf profile information guide to learn more.


CareDash is the fastest-growing review site. It provides information about healthcare practices and physicians in a transparent, accessible, and comprehensive manner. 

The site was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, who wanted to create an easier way for patients to find quality healthcare providers. They believe that every patient should have access to unbiased information about doctors and hospitals. 

Since its inception, CareDash has made significant progress in becoming the go-to source for health care reviews. The site currently has over 2 million reviews from patients around the world, which provides valuable insights into how hospitals and doctors are performing. 

One of the main benefits of using CareDash is that it is completely transparent. Patients can read reviews from both patients and physicians, which gives them a more complete picture of what to expect when visiting a hospital or doctor.


ShareCare is a health engagement platform that provides patients with personalized resources, programs, and information to evaluate their options for health care. The platform provides patients with access to programs such as the Navigator Program, which helps patients choose the best option for their health care needs, and the ShareCare Advisor Program, which helps patients find quality providers. The platform also provides patients with information on topics such as Medicare, insurance coverage, and Medicaid. Finally, the platform offers a variety of tools to help patients communicate with their doctors and reach out for support.


HealthProfs is a website that helps patients find local health professionals by name or city and Zip code. The site provides a comprehensive list of health professionals, along with their contact information and reviews from patients. HealthProfs makes it easy for patients to find the right professional for their needs, whether they need a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, masseuse, or other types of health care provider.

Best Doctors is a new website that aims to help patients get the right diagnosis and treatment. The site has a Doctor Review section where patients can rate their doctors. Best Doctors hopes that this will help patients find the best doctor for them and that they will be able to get the treatment they need. is the leading doctor search tool, where patients can find a doctor. With more than 1 million US visits each month, is a leading provider of information for patients looking for a doctor. offers comprehensive information on doctors and their areas of expertise, making it easy for patients to find the right doctor for their needs. In addition to listing all of the doctors in one place, also provides ratings and reviews from other patients to help you make an informed decision about who to see.

If you’re searching for a new doctor or just want to be sure you’re getting quality care, is the perfect resource!

Patients are likely to view online ratings and reviews as a reliable method to prequalify their doctors, as we have seen. These resources are frequently used by patients when making a medical decision. 

Use these review websites that will help you build a good reputation by attracting new patients with your care, guidance, and safety. Use them often, and you will build a strong review of your care for patients.

Are you a doctor who wants to start building your online presence? If so, make sure you start monitoring these sites today!

Building an online presence can be helpful for doctors looking to connect with patients and build trust. However, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect your personal information and ensure that your profile is fully claimed.

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