Case Study of SBI FICCI Economic conclave in the UK using Kooyal Aggregator to Engage Audience

Event marketing has been gaining steam among companies and corporations. The advent of the digital age has fueled it even further.  Event marketers now chase greater viewer engagement.

FICCI UK, State Bank of India (SBI), and Kooyal Aggregator partnered to achieve an Interactive audience experience by deploying Live Social Media Wall in the SBI FICCI Economic Conclave 2022 event in the UK!

“Kooyal Aggregator is a great tool to have in your tool belt. In our company’s experience, it helps us create another element of fun and wow factor for social events. We loved Kooyal Aggregator, and so do our clients.” – Tapan, 361 Degree Events

The State Bank of India (SBI), a Fortune 500 company, held a joint economic conclave in conjunction with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (“FICCI”) on Thursday 10th March in London. With an Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) already agreed between the nations of the UK and India, the conclave was an opportunity to identify opportunities for economic and strategic collaboration alongside the ongoing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations between the two governments.

The event coincided with SBI UK’s celebration of its 100-year anniversary of operations in the UK. The centenary event at Mansion House was attended by The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor, Alderman Vincent Keaveny, dignitaries, and customers. During this event, a donation was made to Pratham UK, a charitable organization providing educational resources to children in India.

The core purpose of the event was to discuss collaboration and policy work, making up engaging and unforgettable experiences. They were also going to use them to display these visuals to the audience, using a digital screen in real-time as they occurred.

What brought FICCI and Kooyal together was the search for a solution to the problem of elegantly and creatively displaying social media content across multiple screens at the Economic conclave in the UK event.

Kooyal Aggregator emerges as a superior solution to this conclave.

FICCI was in search of a service that could transmit in real-time social media posts and make the event more interactive and engaging for the audience. Additionally, the goal was to also increase media coverage. FCCI turned to Kooyal Aggregator, the social media wall solution, to help them achieve their goal in the event.

The main benefit of using Kooyal Aggregator is its AI-based content curation from social media and real-time display. Additionally, Kooyal Aggregator makes it easy to create dynamic displays that can be customized to match the look and feel of any event. This allows FICCI to create truly unique experiences for its guests.

The pictures taken during the Economic summit were shared via Twitter and Kooyal Aggregator curated these images and displayed them on a 16 meter tall LED screen. There were three hashtags shared – #sbificcieconomicconclave, #EconomicConclaveUK, #EconomicConclave2022 . Kooyal Aggregator curated content for all of those hashtags into a single feed.

Kooyal Aggregator’s alliance with  FICCI Economic conclave was a perfect fit to create an impressive result as audiences were certainly engaged with snapshots and Q&A via Twitter during the event.

And Kooyal Aggregator’s social wall displayed the live feed of these photographs, attract guests to ask questions and provide feedback through Twitter, allow presenters to showcase their presentations, make the event entertaining for guests in-person and remote, and overall make the event much more engaging.

Let’s learn what exciting events Kooyal Aggregator has helped to realize.

Having to deal with upcoming seminars and important clients, an event operation requires a reliable tool. There is no opportunity to take a second pass on live events.

If we had to make a customized adjustment in the CSS of our website’s pages, Kooyal Aggregator’s customer service staff was more than happy to help. It is rare to find a software program that feels like a true partner.

Like the FICCI SBI Economic Conclave, you should consider using a live social media wall for your next event in order to engage audiences. Make your event more engaging by working with us to set up a social wall or schedule a free trial.

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