With digital signage displays Enhance the in-store shopping experience.

Why is an in-store shopping experience even needed? Why incorporate smart digital signage displays in your store?

These questions directed many physical retail stores in the wrong direction with their in-store marketing. Denying this misdirection, globally, 30% of the physical retail stores have rolled up their sleeves to uplift their in-store customer experience.

And, digital signage display plays a pivotal role in this in-store marketing.

But, before we start analyzing this topic, let’s get to the basics first.

Does the marketing stop once your customers step into your retail store?

Appallingly, many believe in this idea. But, with the meteoric rise of e-commerce platforms and the global pandemic, people are happy buying things from the comfort of their homes. Why wouldn’t they?

While sipping coffee, they are scrolling through tons of products on their SmartScreen and they are making a purchase. Factually, e-commerce has walked into our homes.

But, does it mean that people are not walking into physical stores anymore?


Back in 2021, the global physical retail sales volume never dipped down from its earlier glory days. It still roams around $23 trillion.

So, the physical retail stores are definitely going to stay here with us. The only valid question that retail store owners should think about is – how to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

And, the answer starts with smart digital signage display boards.

Now, it’s time to analyze the benefits of retail digital signage displays and how they can boost the overall in-store shopping experience.

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Display your Product information on digital signage

product displayed on digital signage in a retail store

Deliver them the product information in the same way that your customers are used to getting on e-commerce platforms. This serves a fundamental purpose – sharing detailed and assuring product information.

Digital signage display boards enable you to mimic the online shopping experience and inject that experience right into your retail store footfall.

Nowadays buyers are really inclined to do product research before they buy any product. And, e-commerce platforms are pretty smart when it comes to displaying the best possible product description.

Retail store customers are not always product-smart. They move around within your store to find the right product that they are looking for. Oftentimes, they consult with in-store sales reps to get the right thing they are looking for.

You can bridge this gap with digital signage boards, tactically placed across your retail store.

Highlight your products with the elated information it demands. Help your buyers to navigate to the right corner of your retail store.

And, the best part of the story?

Display the list of products that are about to get launched. Enable your customers to plan ahead their shopping timings. Attract them to pre-book those products.

At the end of the day, you are achieving a better sales forecast.

Engage your in-store Customers

customer interacting with digital signage display in a retail store

In brick-and-mortar retail stores, customer engagement is a hard thing to achieve.

On e-commerce sites, online shoppers remain glued to their smart screens while scrolling through millions of products for a long period of time.

It’s like a never-ending availability of different products. Just a tap away. User engagement is bound to happen in conditions such as these.

But, a retail store can not own these conditions. They can not have millions of product series readily stacked at any point in time in their finite available space.

So, how to create a better customer engagement weather in your retail store?

Admittedly, smart digital signage boards are here to save your day.

Create your brand’s social media wall. Display those rich eye candy UGC images on the best sized digital signage boards to your users. Glue their eyes to the vibrant digital signage displays.

Let your social media presence walk into your retail store and talk to your customers. Further, when you display your social brand’s social voice to your in-store customers, it creates a sense of trust in them.

It enhances their brand awareness. It heightens their loyalty to your brand. It motivates them to engage with your brand in a social way.

Lastly, you win more fans. Create a pool of returning customers. And, you close more sales in this process.

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Promote your brand within Retail store walls

product information displayed on digital signage inside the Monty's magical toy machine shop

Brand promotion is an inevitable thing.

It’s more feasible to promote any brand online for many reasons. But, when it comes to offline retail stores, brand promotion is an uphill task.

Traditional marketing. Newspaper ads. In-store printed ads. And, more nightmares.

So, what’s the best possible tool that can promote your brand inside your retail store?

Retail digital signage.

Undoubtedly, it’s the best thing that can happen to your brand promotion that happens inside your retail store. Further, your brand promotion should always be at attention-grabbing depth.

Smart and futuristic digital signage displays can infuse that eye-catchy edge that your brand promotion needs within your retail store walls.

Create visually enticing promotional elements. Display them on the digital signage screens.

Design a killer promotional video that tells the heartfelt history of your brand. Showcase the same on the cloud-based digital signage displays.

Display your promotional ad campaigns. Aggregate both your branded content infused with the right amount of user-generated content, to deliver an integrated brand promotion experience to your customers that they get motivated to hear your brand’s voice.

Place your digital signage boards inside change rooms to create a better shopping experience. Also, try to engage with your customers when they wait behind a long queue for cash counters.

Surely, it changes things for you.

Showcase customer reviews on digital signage boards

Still today, the most valuable user-generated content for marketers is user reviews. They do wonders in recent times.

User reviews are the social proof of performance for any product, brand, and business. Display the reviews from your previous users on smart and interactive digital signage displays that are strategically positioned within your retail store.

User reviews breed loyalty. And, a loyal customer is a social voice that your brand needs in order to turn more heads towards you.

A loyal customer is a returning customer. He shares his trust with other users. He signs up with your mobile shopping app. He takes an active part in your social campaigns.

And, most importantly he pens a position user review about your products for the other users.

So, it’s a cycle.

And, it’s called the brand-building process.

True user reviews when showcased in a planned way on digital signage displays, it harpoons your in-store customer’s minds and infuses a sense of authority within them.

Admittedly, this social proof is the linchpin behind every successful business that lives today.

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Deliver better in-store navigation

customer looking at the in-store navigation digital signage panel

Imagine yourself in a big and multistoried retail store.

Now, before you start your product hunt what do you look for in the first place?

The exact location of the product that you are looking for.

Digital signage display boards have been solving these essential in-store navigation issues for a long time. Nowadays, most of the big retail stores have installed smart and cloud-based digital signage boards to display the in-store navigational information to their customers.

Usually, there exist different product segments in a retail store like women’s clothing, children’s apparel, men’s section, food court, grocery, and others. And, within each of these segments, there exist sub-segments for particular product series.

And, directing your customers to the exact locations within your stores for the products they require is the most important thing. It saves their time and energy. Thus, it creates a better purchasing opportunity for them.

Decidedly, retail digital signage is the major player here that delivers the best in-store navigation to your customers.

Digital signage works best with social media aggregator apps.

So, the impact of retail digital signage on delivering a better in-store shopping experience to your customers is undeniable.

Similarly, behind every social feed that gets displayed on retail digital signage boards, there’s a social media aggregator application.

kooyal aggregator page image

Hi, we are Kooyal Aggregator – the only Ai powered social media aggregator & UGC platform that helps you to aggregate your social media content from your brand’s multiple social media profiles and display them on any retail digital signage display.

We help your brand grow socially. Thus, exponentially.

If you really want to think outside the box with your retail store for creating and delivering an enhanced in-store retail shopping experience to your customers, we are here for you.

Want to talk about it?

Feel free to bug us with your queries regarding social media aggregation and how it can be employed on your in-store retail digital signage displays.

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