Don’t Get Burned – How To Buy Google Reviews Safely! 

It’s tempting to purchase reviews on Google to help boost your business, let’s look at all the pros and cons of buying Google Reviews. We have helped 1000s of businesses around the globe get to the top of Google, so hear me out! We explain various tactics to get more reviews and explain to you why that’s the right way.

Purchasing these fake reviews is surprisingly easy to do. All you need to do is type “buy fake reviews” in Google and you’ll now be bombarded by ads for dark-hat vendors promising to increase your rating and “bury those negative reviews.” Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

You may also be able to find freelancers on Fiverr or UpWork willing to make a quick buck by leaving a positive review for your business. All you have to do is create an advertisement, pay freelancers either $10 or $5 for a favorable review, and voila! You have a stellar online reputation.

Unfortunately, nothing worthwhile comes easy, and the same holds true for your website reviews. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Besides being forbidden by the FTC, it is also against Google’s policy.

Considering purchasing reviews to boost your online standing may seem like a good idea, but such measures can backfire terribly. We have talked to many businesses whose accounts were blocked by Google and other review publishers like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

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How to Buy Google Reviews

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Buying Google reviews is self-explanatory: You choose a vendor or service provider, you add their service to an online shopping cart, provide a list of your Google My Business listings, and voila! You just easily earn reviews that include cushy reviews and favorable feedback.

If you type “buy Google reviews” into the internet, you will see numerous companies offering “five-star review services” that promise “quality work” using a “fully completed (Google) profile and realistic photo-uploaded account.”

They maintain that the “review profiles and accounts are always from North America, the UK, France, or Australia,” but you can change the location to fit your needs. There are also companies supplying reviews from “100% real people or real users.”

If you decide to use Google reviews as part of your online review management strategy, carefully consider the negatives and positives of doing so. It sounds like a handy method to raise your site’s search engine search results, but it can also have adverse consequences on your business.

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1. It goes against Google’s policies.

Google says that published content should reflect real experience at a particular location. Review content “should be related to the location and be written from the customer’s point of view,” it should be stated. Do not post fake content, and don’t post content of the same service for the same place from multiple accounts.

Unlike a review site like Yelp, which slaps user warnings on organizations whose reviews behaved in a suspicious way, Google can in fact terminate the whole listing of that company, based on Google’s review policy. In other words, using fake reviews to get maximum visibility early on will actually give your business no visibility.

2. The FTC and BBB may punish you.
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act was established to guard consumers and punish businesses using unethical tactics to gain customers. Businesses that pay for Google reviews or any type of fake reviews have often been reported to FTC. If you are discovered presenting fake or purchased reviews, you’ll have to deal with the consequences from the FTC.

Better Business Bureau, also known as BBB, is another agency that is established to guard consumers. And your business may be negatively impacted by them. There are many similar consumer protection agencies around the world and you certainly don’t want your business to be targeted by them.

3. Customers can identify it.
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Today’s customers are sharp and know a number of ways to check whether online reviews have been faked. There are many tools also available to detect fake reviews, especially for Amazon Product listings. Customers can easily spot reviews that are generic and don’t provide any business product or service details.

So, what do you do? You understand the value of great reviews but aren’t able to get the success you are looking for. Let’s review some options you have available.

How to quickly earn Google Reviews without paying for them.

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Rather than buying Google reviews to improve your business’s search engine rankings and drum up business, you should instead develop effective strategies for asking for reviews on Google.

These proactive techniques will benefit your business in the long run. Asking for feedback and learning how to get Google reviews organically will also help strengthen your customer relationships and link your business to the most crucial voices.

Monitoring your local search ranking in combination with a proactive approach and consistent daily updates will let you see your brand gradually rise up to defeat or even substitute the local competition when it comes to visibility in search results. This should help acquire new clientele.

There are automated systems like Kooyal Reviews that help you do all of this with little effort. By sending out a brief survey question to your customers, it identifies the individuals who have had a favorable experience with you, directs them to the review site of your choice, and redirects displeased customers to you again.

Use the Google My Business Marketing Kit to advertise your business.
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You can choose from different types of customizable Google review stickers to do various things with your business’s information at this Google My Business (GMB) Marketing Kit (Formerly Known As Small Thanks With Google) website.

Generate a brand-new review through email.
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Email campaign reviews are among the more effective ways of generating new good reviews for your business.

Reward your clientele for their loyalty.
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Customers appreciate enjoyable surprises! Rewarding your customers will not only cause more of them to leave a review, but it will improve your relationship with them and encourage them to promote your services to others.

An extra discount on customers’ birthdays or on diverse or pricey purchases is a good way to build your sales and launch complimentary reviews.

Allow the system to carry out the task on its own.

Use an automated system such as Kooyal Reviews to obtain the legitimate reviews you need. Put this technique into practice without jeopardizing your reputation in any way.

You might be able to buy Google Reviews, but the reply is that just because it’s feasible doesn’t mean you should.

Review websites determine which reviews are fake by means of the sophisticated algorithms they utilize. When identified, a fake review may have serious consequences. A couple of sites infiltrate businesses’ profiles to cause pop-ups on the company’s wall. Whenever somebody visits that particular company’s profile, a pop-up notifies them not to trust the business.

Has buying fake Google reviews harmed your business? Are you still considering buying fake Google reviews to boost your company? Then this is an essential read for you.

How to recognize fake reviews

When clients read your business reviews, they should be getting a true picture of your company and your overall service. Therefore, you can eliminate the negative reviews that are clearly deliberate, such as creations of your own.

There are a few indications that can guide you to a fake Google review.

The reviewer’s name

You can use an online profile that is created with a fake name, but it isn’t difficult to find out if the name is genuine or not. When you notice that the name of a reviewer is NOT shown in your customer list, this is a very good indication that the review is artificial.

Are they accumulating negative reviews?

Has the critic left negative reviews for plenty of other businesses, too? It’s possible to check their name, and that will help you figure it out. Some people decide to leave bashing reviews for multiple businesses just for the sake of it.

They might leave both positive and negative reviews about businesses in your industry, then leave you a five-star review for one of your competitors. Well, it’s pleasant to know they’re partners.

False statement

The reviewer provides incorrect information based on no evidence owing to which they can say whatever they feel like.

Some reviews might mention events that never occurred or describe the organization/services in a way that makes it evident that the reader does not understand what the business does.

If you don’t have the products or services that person mentions or encounter people who do not work for you, it will be simple to prove that the reviews are wrong. They can have had a terrible encounter with a business and mistakenly believed that it was your company. Many businesses have comparable names, so this could be a mix-up that can happen. Mistakenly saying it costs you a great deal can be a costly error.

What to do if your Google does not remove a false review.

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If you have reported a review to Google and they still have not removed it, you should make sure you have many more good reviews than bad ones. One bad review will not affect potential customers if you have many positive reviews.

There’s nothing worse than a fake review that damages your reputation and puts your revenues in jeopardy. Although you cannot control who reviews your business, you can control what shows up on the Internet to some degree.

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