Embed Instagram feed on WordPress website in these simple steps.

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So, you are on this quest of finding the best way to embed Instagram feed on WordPress websites.

You are in the right place, and you are in the right direction too.

According to Statista, right now Instagram owns one billion users, globally with the biggest chunk of it coming from India. It’s the most popular photo-sharing social media platform on this planet. It has recently added new features like video sharing and Instagram stories which are turning even more heads.

Back in 2019, the total social network advertising revenue of Instagram was around $9.45 billion.

Admittedly, your users are hanging out there while posting pictures of your products on that social platform. And, it’s your right decision that you want to embed Instagram feed on your brand’s website to bring those social voices of your brand and showcase those on your website.

We bet there are tons of articles on the web that guide you to embed Instagram feed or for that matter any other social media feed on WordPress websites. But, the main issue with those articles is that most of them try to guide you through a hard and complex way.

We will tell you the simplest and most sane way to embed an Instagram feed on WordPress websites.

What’s that?

Social media aggregator.

No more dirty coding. No more heavy WordPress plugin installation. No fuss. The entire process needs less than 8 clicks.

Yes, It’s that painless and fast.

With a versatile social media aggregator platform, the entire process to embed Instagram feed on your website becomes a breeze, and within minutes.

There are three simple steps. Source. Moderate. Destination.

That’s it.

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Embed Instagram feed within minutes with Kooyal Aggregator.

Kooyal Aggregator is a versatile social media aggregator & UGC(user-generated content) platform that can handle everything about embedding social media feed to your website. You don’t need to hire a professional or invest a lot of your bucks to embed Instagram feed on your website.

Let’s get to the actual process.

The entire process has three distinct stages.

First Stage – Connect a source.

First things first. Go to the Kooyal Aggregator web application. Sign up with your credentials.

social media aggregator kooyal aggregator page image

After a successful sign-up process, you will end up on the application dashboard. And, here you will be able to complete the entire process to embed Instagram feed on your website.

On the dashboard locate the ‘Add source collection’ button and click on it to start the process. Name your collection and hit the ‘Create’ button to complete the creation of your collection.

embed Instagram feed by creating a social media feed source

A collection is just a container that encases your social media feed. And, this social media feed can be coming from a single social media platform like Instagram or multiple social platforms.

To add a source or a social media feed, click on your collection and hit the ‘+’ sign adjacent to the collection tab or click on the ‘Add source’ button. On the next window choose Instagram as a source for your social feed.

list of social media platforms as sources in kooyal Aggregator

Here you can choose what type of data you want to fetch from Instagram. Typically, most of the brands go for either their brand mentions on Instagram or for a particular hashtag that’s related to their business.

You can choose your required data type within these options to create the best social media feed that suits your brand.

list of social data types for aggregation
Second Stage – Content moderation

Now, you have successfully added Instagram as a source to your social media feed. Now, it’s time to moderate social content as within a social media feed usually there are many pieces of content that spread a negative sense for any brand or business. And, we designed Kooyal Aggregator in such a way that you have full control over the social media feed for your business at any stage of its creation and implementation.

For moderation of content within your Instagram feed, go to the ‘Moderation’ tab at the top-left corner of the dashboard and click on it.

content moderation in kooyal Aggregato app

On the content moderation stage, you can scroll through the fetched content of your Instagram feed and choose to hide any social post that doesn’t resonate with your brand’s social voice. Further, unlike other social media aggregator platforms, Kooyal Aggregator packs a smart AI tool that does the same job for your Instagram feed automatically.

On your social feed, you will be able to see that some of the social posts are automatically hidden by the ‘Moderation Ai’ tool. This futuristic tool learns from your execution and adapts itself to filter the unnecessary posts and only bring out the best social posts within the Instagram feed.

Final Stage – Add a destination to Publish

This is the final stage where you add your WordPress website as a destination for your Instagram feed. This is where you get the final code to embed Instagram feed on your brand website.

Before we move ahead with the process, we want to tell you that along with your website a destination can be many digital platforms like digital signage or for that matter any other digital display board on which you want to embed Instagram feed.

Now, to add a destination click on your collection and locate the ‘Add Destination’ button placed under the ‘Add source’ button.

add destination page in kooyal aggregator for social media aggregation

Click on the ‘Add Destination’ button to prepare the feed for your website. Assign a name for your destination and hit the ‘Create’ button.

Now, when you have successfully created a destination on which you want to embed Instagram feed it’s time to toy with the visual parameters of the feed.

Simply hit the ‘…’ icon adjacent to your newly created destination to alter the visual output of the Instagram feed. You should choose the ‘Edit with Studio’ option to change the visual settings of your feed.

edit social media feed with kooyal aggregator studio

At this stage, you are just one step away to obtain the embed code. But, before you do that we strongly recommend you edit the overall behavior of your Instagram feed and publish the same afterward.

visual parameters for social media feed in kooyal aggregator

With the Kooyal Aggregator Studio, you will be able to alter every behavioral parameter of the Instagram feed like:

  • The layout of the Instagram feed (style, layout type, card style, etc.)
  • The behavior of the aggregated contents within the feed
  • Alter the font and the background color of the feed
  • Alter the header of the Instagram feed with its font color

Now it’s time to hit the publish button and get the embed code. Under the publish tab you will find three options to embed Instagram feed.

Firstly, you can use your website’s CNAME DNS record to use a custom domain for displaying your Instagram feed. Added to this you can also use our dedicated plugin to embed Instagram feed on any kind of website powered by popular website building platforms.

And, lastly, you can simply copy the embed code from our embed widget and drop the same on any webpage to display your Instagram feed.

Technically, you are free to choose anyone from the available options to embed Instagram feed on WordPress websites.

Popular WordPress Plugins

collage of instagram feed

WordPress, as a website building platform, is the most popular web app out there on the web. It powers almost 30% of the internet. And, as a result of this, the plugin repository of WordPress is the most versatile and gigantic.

There’s a WordPress plugin for almost everything that a website does in order to exist on the web.

Similarly, there are dedicated WordPress plugins to embed Instagram feed on WordPress Powered websites.

Some of the popular WordPress Plugins for embedding any Instagram feeds are:

Simply, install these plugins on your WordPress website. Activate them. Authorize your Instagram profile so that they can fetch content from your brand’s official Instagram account. Choose what you want to display as your Instagram feed on your website. And, you are done.

The only downside of WordPress plugins is that they make your website heavy and the number of installed plugins influences your website’s loading time. You lose more SEO juice when your website loads slower.

Instagram oEmbed

Instagram oEmbed features for websites

You still need a WordPress plugin like Smash Balloon social photo feed for this. Instagram oEmbed is nothing but a format to allow an embedded representation of any social URL on a third-party website or application.

This particular process is effective when you want to embed Instagram feed on your website content by employing the default embed feature.

The above-mentioned WordPress Plugin is one of the best out there that works well with this oEmbed process. Simply, install the plugin, and under its settings panel go to ‘Instagram feed’. Locate the oEmbed button under the tab.

And, activate the ‘Enable Instagram oEmbeds’ button. You can always go to the Plugin’s official webpage and clear your doubts about this simple execution.

We are coming to the end of this article and we hope that this article helps you to embed Instagram feed on your WordPress website. Further, always remember that among all these ways of embedding social media feeds to your website a social media aggregator is the best path to take.

Speaking plainly, none of the aforementioned ways offers similar visual customization and content moderation features as a social media aggregator does.

Lastly, if you want to go deeper with embedding social media feed to your website always feel free to bug us with your queries. Anytime.

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