Getting started with Kooyal Aggregator

Kooyal Aggregator helps you drive growth and engagement by gathering, curating, and sharing user-generated content. In this short tutorial video, you’ll learn how to use Kooyal Aggregator with three quick steps. It’s an ideal User Generated Content (UGC) Platform to share social media content on a website or build a social media wall for an event.

Your social voice is completely your. We help you showcase it the way it demands.

An AI-powered, all-in-one social media aggregator for any size. With Kooyal Aggregator, gather, curate, and share social media content from multiple social media platforms. Easily integrate them into a single optimized social media feed and easily hide unwanted content using our AI moderation tool. Publish them on your website, and any other digital display you can think of. Get dedicated social media feed integration plugin support for popular website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.

Build your social ecosystem around your brand with AI-smart content moderation and endless display customization.

Create your brand’s Hashtag & UGC campaign within a blade of time. Build your social media wall on the go leveraging our mobile application support. Give your brand’s website the social voice it needs. Turn your social events and seminars into a socially engaging turnout by displaying your social wall.

Gather, Curate, and Share. Within minutes…

Get started in minutes with an easy and intuitive dashboard. Add as many social media profiles as you want as your source. Automatically moderate content through our smart AI-fuelled content moderation engine along with manual moderation controls. Visually customize your social media feed that matches any website theme and other digital display boards. 

Kooyal Aggregator is the most powerful social media aggregator & UGC platform for your brand that enables you to grow your business socially.

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