How important is social media wall for brands in 2022?

Yes. You do need a social media wall for your brand or business as it handles the most primitive marketing problem that every business faces every day – creating new content that converts. According to the new-age marketing analysts, 27% of global brands are facing this necessary evil to stay on top of their marketing efforts.

Now, crafting and sharing awesome content, thick and fast, mothered by your marketing team is pretty hard to achieve. Let’s admit it. Designing creative and intelligent content every day is a far-fetched idea unless you have a gigantic marketing budget.

Admittedly, if you do not mind opening your fat wallet every single time to buy witty content that carries the best message for your brand – going for it is the best option for you. But, most of the small and medium brands, that are popping out every day, are not that financially blessed.

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So, how to get creative with content with a thin marketing budget?

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Added to this issue, your brand always needs a fresh perspective that aligns with the upcoming social media trends and social platform policy changes. So, how to bring that freshness into your brand marketing strategy with each passing second to stay as a socially active brand or business?

The answer is singular. Create fresh content and that’s the problem we want to solve here.

So, the solution?

You will have to repurpose your old content – both user-generated and branded.

And, that is?

Social media wall.

Easy to build. Drinks fewer bucks. And, it brings the required freshness that your brand needs. Yes. You need to create a social media wall for your brand today.

So, what is a social media wall?

social media wall collage

Let’s start from the very start.

A social media wall is nothing but integrated social media feeds gathered from different social media platforms where your business exists. A social media wall is the result of the social media aggregation process that aggregates social content from various social platforms and binds them together in one place.

Now, when you display this unified social media feed on your brand’s website, digital signages, large screens, mobile apps, and for that matter on any digital platform, it’s the social media wall you are looking for.

Simply think of a larger digital billboard displaying a collage of endless streams of social content, and that too is getting updated automatically!

Awesome! Right?

That’s a simple example of a social media wall. And, thankfully, you can create one for your brand within a few minutes.

The whole idea of going for a social media wall is to repurpose your hard-earned social content in such a way that it can offer vibrance with the right amount of authority that your brand owes to its users.

Although this concept of creating a social media wall for any brand is not that well known to all like other social media marketing strategies, leading brands across the globe already have their social media wall in place across their marketing channels. Can you fancy falling behind from that?

We believe you don’t. Now, the only valid question that remains is what are the key benefits of having a social media wall.

So, what are the key benefits of having a social media wall?

social media wall displaying content in an event

There is an array of reasons.

  • Create the human side of your brand through social proof.
  • Enhance the number of your social followers.
  • Boost user engagement.
  • Improve search engine exposure.
  • Drive in more conversions through authenticity.

Creating a larger social proof – Let’s humanize your brand.

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Right now, you may be thinking that your brand or business does not publish much content which is enough for building a social media wall.

You do not have to. You do not need any of your created content to build a social wall.

Consider these:

  • You exist on social media profiles. You have followers.
  • You partner with other companies/brands. You have stakeholders.
  • You take part in social events. You have fans.
  • Lastly, you have a company. You have employees.

Your followers are talking about you on social media. They are creating awesome social content for you. Your stakeholders are doing co-marketing for you through their own content as you are doing for them. Your fans are posting your product images on Instagram. And, your employees are integrating your brand’s content on hashtag campaigns.

The result?

You already have a sea of authentic and valuable social content for building a social media wall for your brand. Moreover, the most important factor related to this kind of content is that these social posts, mentions, news, and other forms of social media presence are not created by your brand.

These are created by other users and other brands that like to tell your story to the world. It’s 200% humane. Thus, 200% authentic.

Now, what an aggregator does is aggregate these authentic posts to build a unique stream of social elements and showcase them on your brand’s social media wall.

A social media wall means more social followers.

interactive social media wall displaying content in social event

When it comes to authenticity and user trust, marketers stand at the last of the list of other global professions with only 4% of votes from consumers across this planet. Yes, that’s even lower than the US Congress (6%).

So, brand marketing is that edge for your business that you can not leave and it cuts your authenticity too. If you are shouting “me, me, and me” on every social media platform, eventually, your followers will get faded up sooner than you think.

Consumers trust consumer reviews. So, they are leading this newborn brand marketing’ thing and you will have to put them in front of your brand.


Create a social media wall. Use that social proof across your marketing channels along with your website.

When your users and social followers tell your brand’s story through a picturesque social media wall, other users breathe in the authenticity of that. That creates trust. They become followers. And, these new followers eventually bring in more followers.

That’s how you grow your followers through a social media wall.

Social media wall is here to boost your brand’s user engagement.

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It’s a no-brainer. Right?

When you are able to bring in more followers to your brand, there is a high chance that those users engage with your brand more frequently.

Here is a simple trick behind this “user-engagement” story.

Social media profiles prioritize those social posts that have more likes and shares. These well-engaged social posts get displayed on connected social profiles with a higher frequency. Technically, there are two factors associated with this – reach and visibility.

Now, displaying social media content on your website and other marketing channels pushes your followers to engage with them in a simpler way. And, when it happens it widens your brand’s social reach with enhanced visibility.

And, where does it start?

Yes. It starts with a versatile social media wall.

It Improves your SEO.

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A social media wall glues your users to your website.

Typically, a social media wall works just as another custom social media platform for your brand followers that’s placed right on your website. It’s a perpetual truth in marketing that users love to engage with what other users are doing with your brand.

Let them play with that right on your brand’s website. They will spend more time on your website and search engines will love your website for that.

Technically, ‘time spent on website’ by users is one of the most important ranking signals for search engines. The more, the merrier. It increases your SEO score and thankfully, search engines will rank you better.

More conversions through social authentication.

This is the best part of the story.

Conversion is the cornerstone of a financially viable business or brand. There’s nothing denying that. And, social media wall is your newest harpoon that can achieve you the same.

The journey of any conversion process starts with knowing. A brand’s social proof acts as a catalyst for this process.

Simply, your social followers say things about your brand on social media. The family and friends of those followers consume those social posts and end up reaching your website. They snake through what other user reviews are saying about your products. Positive and honest reviews bend the decision of this new customer to make a purchase.

We all know this story.

The stronger your user base is the more positive user reviews you achieve. And, a social media wall is the best way to do it collectively across your marketing channels as it’s the most versatile way to radiate your brand’s authenticity and authority in your niche.

Simply, a buying decision generates from the understanding – “Ok, other people trust this brand and that’s why I should”. Social media walls are here for your brand just to breed this thinking into your potential customers.

And, social media aggregator tool is where the whole story of building a social media wall starts. Like you and the other popular brands, we the people behind Aggregator, the most versatile social media aggregation platform out there for your brand, believe strongly that our users are our lifeline. We place our brand with them.

Equal footing. Users with brands.

If you need more information on social media aggregation and how to build a social media wall for your brand, check out Kooyal Aggregator. And always feel free to bug us with your queries. We are listening.

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