How Much Do Google Reviews Impact Your SEO Ranking in 2022?

Your brand’s online traffic depends on correlations between Google reviews and search engine optimization (SEO). Reviews aren’t just an important part of social proof; they are also necessary for climbing your website’s search engine ranking.

Without customer feedback, you’re not leveraging all the search engine optimization benefits that can help your brand outshine your competitors. We’ll provide a few suggestions that will help you take your SEO strategy to the next level, and you’ll start capitalizing on the advantages right away.

We are discovering at Kooyal by working with hundreds of businesses that reviews have significantly more influence than most people realize. They can positively affect local SEO on Google Search, Google Maps, and other local business platforms along with increasing brand reputation. We’re presenting the five most critical benefits of online reviews.

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1-Enhance your brand through user reviews.            

Increasingly, transparency is a consumer’s most important asset. That heightened sense of transparency is primarily accredited to the availability of vast amounts of customer reviews for any business. In today’s times, it’s not uncommon for a consumer to perform research on a company before purchasing products or services from it. Trust is the human currency, and reviews help build that trust.

To see how online reviews make customers trust a local business more than they otherwise might, Google reports an astonishing 72% of consumers say that they trust a business more after reading a positive review.

Building trust via user reviews is an excellent way for local businesses to capitalize on this and get an advantage over their competitors simply by encouraging good reviews.

2 – Use Google Reviews to help improve your search engine rankings.

Google’s search algorithms are considerably complex (that’s an understatement). That said, there is one thing that is still a fact: Google’s search results are based on Google customer reviews. According to Moz, about 9% of Google’s search ranking algorithm is driven by online reviews. These online reviews are mainly dependent on the volume, the stars of reviews, and the speed of posting.

A well-rounded mixture of these three review signals can help your hometown business achieve the top of Google neighborhood search outcomes. This enables your business to be found more quickly and efficiently, thanks to SEO strategies like keyword research and web publishing.

As an owner of a small business, you need to rely on traditional marketing tactics. Use outlets like Google Reviews, in addition to conventional marketing methods.

With adequate implementation, your business’s Google business reviews can prove very efficient. This is mainly because Google business reviews permit you to appear in the Map Pack, which consists of companies close to the area you’re looking for.

The Map Pack (shown below) consists of companies located near the location where you’re looking. The Map Pack shows the name and link to the business, the address and phone number, and the number of Google Reviews along with an average rating. Businesses with more and higher ratings show up at the top.

3-Google Reviews is a Customer Survey Tool.

One of the most valuable advantages of Google customer reviews is getting a real-time and thorough understanding of your customers. Each Google review you obtain ought to be used to gauge customer satisfaction and help you improve your business.

Further, each Google Review will grant you a summary.

  • Whether your company provided a positive customer experience.
  • Where your company did well or poorly depends on its assignment of tasks to personnel.
  • What product or service did they obtain from your business?
4- Ensure high Click-Through Rates by obtaining more Google Reviews for your website.

Any intelligent company knows that getting your link clicked when it appears in a search engine is crucial. You may shell out the big bucks and spend some cash on SEO services, but if prospective customers don’t click on your site, all the resources spent on the strategy are for nothing.

Fortunately, Google Reviews are an excellent way to increase your click-through rate when you appear on a search engine. Your Google review rating will be next to your business name on Google, so a positive rating with good reviews will increase clicks to your site.

5- The more positive Customer Reviews you have, the more customers you will attract.

Once customers click over to your web page, the customer who views your site still has to be convinced to buy your services or products. As a good web design, Google Reviews can help improve your sales conversion rate on its own.

Therefore, any business rated highly on Google ought to be displaying that rating on its website. It simply boosts customer trust if they’ve never seen your reviews.

6-How to get started with getting more Google Reviews?

Do you plan to commence focusing on earning more Google Reviews? If so, you should begin as soon as possible. You may be considering buying reviews just to obtain an immediate boost. But before you leap into action, remember most businesses have earned reviews honestly.

Customers can easily detect fake reviews, as do search engines. Stick to tried and tested strategies, including asking customers to review your products, email your newsletter, and advertise your Google Review page to the general population. Even though seeking verified testimonials may be a little more time-consuming, you’ll be happy with that decision in the long term. Trust us, we have worked with many businesses that go through this process.

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7-Scroll down for additional user reviews.

Business owners and managers may find it more beneficial to see the advantages of online reviews from platforms other than Google. Yelp is a popular website where companies can direct their customers to review their services, including restaurants, dry cleaners, and other service providers.

Facebook is another location where you, your friends, and other customers can bolster your company with some beneficial reviews. 

If you are an eCommerce seller, Amazon reviews are crucial even if you don’t drive the majority of your sales from your own site or other marketplaces like eBay. Any seller of merchandise online should undoubtedly make a concerted effort to receive numerous positive Amazon ratings. Before customers make a purchase, they value Amazon reviews.

Google places more trust in your customer reviews than you do.

Okay, that’s a sprinkle of an exaggeration, but the fact is that Google relies on signals to determine a website’s worth for ranking purposes. This effect was really helpful during the initial days of Google. The significance of links is illustrative of all of this.

Google recognizes a backlink to your site as an endorsement and rewards you with better visibility and rankings in the search results. Likewise, customer reviews about your business (whether positive or negative) tell Google search algorithms that your business is a real, credible operation. SEO rankings have always been based on a site’s clickthrough rate. If a high number of searchers choose your site from the search results, Google believes you’re doing something right and rewards your website with higher rankings. 

User-generated content is essential for SEO.

Content updating regularly is essential to improving your SEO in Google’s algorithms. These algorithms use it to determine whether a site is active, so businesses need to invest in content marketing to remain consistent. But adhering to a content strategy can be challenging.

User-generated material, such as images, videos, questions and answers, and reviews posted on social media channels provide content for search engine crawlers.

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The volume of Google Reviews

Businesses with a lot of positive reviews and a high ranking are generally rated higher online. A part of this correlation is because those review comments are likely to be full of keywords relevant to a given business.

However, don’t chase the volume of reviews at the sacrifice of quality, especially fake reviews. Fake reviews often get flagged by humans and even machine learning algorithms. In the long run, those fake reviews will negatively impact your rankings.

Google Reviews is a vital tool for your Business Success.

Google business reviews should be considered an impactful tool for driving your organization’s core areas: brand confidence, search engine optimization, and customer feedback. If you’re not utilizing Google Reviews efficiently, you will be left behind in your industry.

Google Reviews are also free! This marketing channel offers incredible ROI (your investment is very low relative to other channels). You can experience good results using little resources and time to arrange Google business reviews. The bottom line is, if you’re not already, start using Google business reviews to increase brand trust, local SEO, and feedback and insights from your customers.

How Kooyal Reviews helps your brand?

kooyal reviews - online review management tool for your brand

Kooyal reviews is a review management tool that helps businesses monitor, filter, and respond to customer reviews. The software allows businesses to see all of the reviews their business has received online, as well as reply to any review in one central location. Kooyal also offers a variety of filters to help businesses quickly find and respond to the most important reviews.

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