How to Come Up With a Wedding Hashtag That’s Unique and Memorable

One way to excite your guests is with a unique hashtag for your wedding. Not only that, but it’s also one way to load all of your social media content with pictures of your engagement ring.

A unique hashtag that is assigned to your wedding may encourage your guests to share your photographs on social media, thus creating content for your wedding’s buzz.

When it comes to planning your wedding, finding the perfect hashtag is a fun task that can help get everyone excited about sharing photos on social media. Coming up with a unique, personalized hashtag for your big day is a great way to make sure all of your guests are able to follow along and see all the highlights from your wedding. Not only will this help create some buzz about your wedding on social media, but it can also be a fun way for you and your spouse to look back on all of the memories from your special day.

By providing guests with an opportunity to log on to the online photo album, this virtual tour gives guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding a glimpse of all the fun you and the rest of your entourage had.

Wedding hashtags mingle with other photos and videos on social media and are a quick way to quickly gather your wedding photos.

Try to think of a creative solution.

You can change your alias widely. Alternatively, you can change your hometown or interests so that you can think outside the box when it comes to naming possibilities. There are plenty of choices for inspiration beyond your name and just your name and hometown. Have you both always loved Disney? Do you both love listening to Chance the Rapper together? Find ways to include those things to make it your own. There is an endless bank of material to use so it’s not only traditional material.

Don’t stress if you need to reduce or abbreviate a name.

If a name is hard to work around (and literally does not rhyme with anything), take the liberty to shorten or abbreviate it to render smoother flow. Don’t stray away from rotating it.

Do customize it to your particular needs.

Your choice of wedding hashtag is comparable to your choice of your wedding dress or wedding flowers. It reflects a significant portion of your personality. So choose something creative and perhaps crazy based on your originality, but don’t irregularly choose something regular or clichést.

Don’t shrink away from a lengthy one.

Don’t fret about your hashtag being excessively long. According to a known hashtag writer, no one but the Instagram programming interface will ever see the entire hashtag again anyway, so your guests won’t need to mess with entering it every time they post a selfie. Unleash it! Put it on a piece of chalkboard! Guests will use whatever you offer.

Do put it before the others.

Make sure to evaluate whether something like you want your vow written out in a hashtag would make real sense, or if it will look silly on paper. One possible moral of the story is that you should check to see if a phrase, or even a hashtag, makes sense before you include it in something as important as a save-the-date.

Don’t use something that is similar to what you’ve used before.

A hashtag is meant to store your wedding album accessible online, and you don’t want to have thousands of various other folks’s photos or the album of another person who was present at #JohnsonWedding2022.

Of course you can’t predict the future or watch your entire documenting the web, and the reality is, you may choose an available hashtag that is currently offered when your wedding package rolls around. But if you decide to make it original enough, or displace the types of words in a related manner, you might be able to create your very own hashtag.

Don’t try too hard—DON’T overdo it.

Your hashtag shouldn’t be as long as your veil, sis. Your wedding guests will be typing out this hashtag, and they don’t want to invest in the effort it takes to type:


Make sure your hashtag is short, sweet, and snappy. It can also help emphasize the first letter of each word!

Previously Taken 

A hashtag will enable you to create a list of pictures that are similar and easily searchable. If you cannot find a unique hashtag to use, you may use a hashtag that’s already taken, and you would happen to share the picture collection with a stranger.

Use Trendy Terms 

Cute terms like BAE and YOLO are trendy now. But by and by, trendy terms could begin to seem off-putting, or perhaps end up entirely forgotten. Stay away from trendy terms if you want to keep your hashtag buzzing for a long time. #Classic 

Think outside of the box.

Are you super into bowling? #BowlMatesToSoulMates. Did you meet at church? #PewsToIDos. Are you getting married in a barn? #NeverBarnBetter.

At the end of the day, your wedding hashtag is a memorial of your union. That means the great hashtag will go well with your personality. It can also be considered a pun, or even thankful and hopeful.

Regarding showing your hashtag, the sky’s the limit. It’s important to ensure that your guests can easily access the hashtag. 

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