How to get Awesome TripAdvisor Reviews?

TripAdvisor is one of the biggest hotel and travel review platforms. TripAdvisor reviews can help introduce your business to new customers. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can optimize your business’s presence on TripAdvisor and get awesome customer reviews. 

Scan and give TripAdvisor reviews from mobile phone

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TripAdvisor is an important website for figuring out where to take a trip.

Originally surfaced in 2000, TripAdvisor was intended as a sort of travel guide. However, the focus of the website changed when the founders noticed that users were gravitating toward reviewing the accommodations selected. The feature that was being used the most was the reviews made by hotel guests.

TripAdvisor reviews helped provide insight into the nicest hotels and attractions of cities all over the place and helped travelers locate ideal places.

Both new and established business owners must implement TripAdvisor reviews as part of their online reputation management strategy.


Because TripAdvisor reviews drive decisions and shape your reputation. According to data from Consumer Reports, 92.4% of the population uses online reviews to guide their decisions, and they review at least 112 products before forming an opinion.

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Obtaining Reviews for your profile on TripAdvisor for a Business page can bring considerable benefits. Allow me to outline a few ways you can begin by requesting reviews:

TripAdvisor Reviews: Use the TripAdvisor Review Express Method.

TripAdvisor reviews express

Within each TripAdvisor listing, there is a special feature named Review Express. With this system, it is simple to launch a review request to your customers via email with your branding attached.

You will need to put in the reviewer’s e-mail address along with your preferred language information on the spreadsheet. Each of the tactics you use to request an email address from the customer should be disclosed to them so they can recognize the reason why you are requesting their e-mail address.

Get More TripAdvisor Reviews: Send Your Own Review Request Emails.

TripAdvisor reviews

Don’t hesitate to request what you need. The same principle applies to TripAdvisor reviews. Email outreach allows you to connect with customers and guests, and it encourages them to leave reviews on different platforms.

Carefully consider how to compose your response templates, as they should connect with each recipient in a special way. You can design the most eye-catching email in the world, but enthusiasm will not be able to engage recipients if they view the message as cold and impersonal from the beginning.

So, infuse the personal touch they seek.

Also, keep your emails short. If you’d like your customers to review your business on Trip Advisor specifically, tell them that explicitly and provide clear instructions on how to do this. Don’t forget to include the link to your listing page.

And, there is a simple tool you can use to collect reviews via email.

It’s Kooyal Reviews.

Method 3: Send SMS messages to customers.

send SMS to get TripAdvisor reviews

Consumers constantly have access to their smartphones so use the knowledge they obtain through their smartphones to boost your TripAdvisor score.

Something like this following piece of SMS can do the trick…

“Hi (First Name of Customer), thank you for doing business with us. Do you have a minute to share your review on our business page on Trip Advisor? Just go here: (Insert the link to your Trip Advisor page). Thank you for your help!”

The key here is to give as few steps as possible, both the message and the process of providing feedback. Reducing the number of steps required to send feedback can increase the response rate from SMS comments.

Method 4: create reminder cards.

A great method to guide your guests to leave a TripAdvisor review is to generate a list of cards that you can print and provide to them at the reception desk before check out or prior to treatment. You’ll need to follow a few simple steps to accomplish this:

  • Under the “Marketing Tools” tab in your TripAdvisor Management Center, select the box titled “Promotional Tools.”
  • Select the “Marketing Tools” tab and then choose the “Promotional Tools”.
  • Choose the reminder cards that most effectively advertise your organization.

When you have created your TripAdvisor cards, they are absolutely free to send to production. TripAdvisor gives the first 100 cards free of cost. You just need to pay for shipping.

You don’t need TripAdvisor’s assistance if you don’t wish to use it. You can also create your own reminder passes using a design program, such as Canva. For reference, you can also fill out the passes at the end of the meal or after the tour has ended.

Method 5: Use TripAdvisor Stickers to get more TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor stickers for getting TripAdvisor reviews

Other options include a TripAdvisor sticker that can be displayed in your home. Specifically, you can choose to put on ones that say “Review Us on TripAdvisor” or “Leave Us a Review on TripAdvisor” to improve your review request strategy.

  • Go to the TripAdvisor Sticker Request page and type in the name of your establishment or business.
  • You’ll now see the lineup of stickers available for that listing below the name of the business. Choose the stickers you want to use. You can also choose the language displayed for the stickers.
  • Enter your mailing address and click the “Submit” button.  

Stickers ordered through TripAdvisor are free of charge, but you will have to wait up to six weeks for them to arrive. TripAdvisor estimates that the shipping time will be up to six weeks by post.

Be sure to place TripAdvisor stickers in high-traffic areas. You might be promoting them next to the checkout counter or near the front door, or you might place them in a busy sidewalk chalkboard.

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Method 6: Use TripAdvisor Review Widgets.

image showing TripAdvisor reviews

TripAdvisor also offers an assortment of complementary widgets that you can install on your website, which might help boost sales. In addition to displaying customer testimonials, they also serve as an effective prompt for customers and compel them to write more TripAdvisor reviews for you.

Customers assess your brand and reputation by reading online business profiles, so it’s essential to retain a good reputation. Even a single negative review can tarnish the credibility of your brand before people have a chance to see more about you.

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That’s why review widgets can be quite useful. You can check out the TripAdvisor Widget Center to see which ones can be compatible with a listing.

You may use a widget tool to display reviews on your blog, build your brand’s credibility, appear higher on search engines, and get more bookings and conversions.

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