How to get mind-blowing Google reviews?

Google reviews or for that matter any online reviews decide future business. You cannot control what customers say about you online or offline. But, if you act smart, you can influence online reviews. This article tells you how. 

Customer reviews don’t just rain down from the sky. As established in our previous article, people are just too lazy. Even if you provide outstanding products or services, you can’t expect a decent review. The secret of getting a fantastic customer review lies in the details.

Kooyal Reviews helps you manage your perception online. This software can be your guide and executioner while collecting customer reviews.

Get these steps right and a remarkable review is inevitable.

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Google reviews: Lead with Examples

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You can’t expect a good review from everyone. The majority of people don’t want to make the effort. They even lack the imagination to provide a truly wonderful review. Even if the experience you give is exceptional, it is a hopeful stretch to expect people to put it in words. This is why you need to show them what a great review looks like.

You can gather some of the finest reviews and advertise them to your new customers. You can also have a few good reviews written to showcase as examples. It creates the impression that people are already loving your brand. Seeing a fabulous online review triggers a herd mentality. It subconsciously creates pressure to match the level of review.

Google Reviews: Send a gift

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Everyone likes gifts and they love those who give gifts. If you send a coupon or a discount code along with an online review request, you are almost guaranteed to get a good review. This method has an additional advantage. While getting the review, you also ensure future business from this customer. Anyone who has a coupon has an added incentive to make a purchase.

When you send a gift, you are already creating an image of generosity in the customer’s mind. In a way, you are ensuring that they like you before they give a review. This act increases your chances of getting a great review.

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Timing Matters for getting Google Reviews

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The best time to ask for an online review is immediate. You have to get a review when the experience with your brand is still fresh in the customer’s mind. As the memory of the brand experience deteriorates, so do your chances of getting a great review. If you wait too long your significance diminishes. If that happens, your review or rating request is very likely to get ignored. 

If you feel a customer has had a bad experience, you should wait for them to complain. That brings us to the third-best time to ask for a review. It’s just after a complaint has been resolved and compensation has been offered. This is usually a time when trust in a brand is re-established. If you were going to get 1 star after the service, you will get at least 3 stars after complaint resolution. FYI, the second-best time to ask for a review is right now. You should not wait even if it’s been a while since you served a customer.

Make it easy

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As we have mentioned before, people are lazy. So, if you ask them to jump through several hoops just for a rating, they won’t do it. You have to make it as simple as possible. No more than 2 steps. This is where Kooyal Reviews can be quite useful. Our software approaches your customers and directs them towards review sites. Then it’s a straight and simple 2 step process. Because the customer doesn’t have to put much effort, they are more inclined to give a review. The more reviews you get, the better brand image you get to build.

Manage Google reviews

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Now to tie all things together, you have to consider online reviews management. In the long run, brand image is not built by one or two reviews. Your overall online rating will be a culmination of numerous reviews given by several customers over a long period. Hence, it is very important to manage which reviews go online and which are held back.

Kooyal Reviews allows you to take this control. You can pick which customers should give reviews. Even when you get a bad review, you have the control of withholding it from being published. You can then resolve the complaint of your customer. After that, you can use all of the above tricks to ensure that this bad review is converted into a fantastic positive review.

About Kooyal Reviews

Kooyal offers a wide arsenal of business management, organization, communication and marketing tools. Online Review Management is just one of our amazing products. You can check out more of our offerings here.

The world of online business is changing and so are the customers. Kooyal helps your brand be up to date.

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