How to hire the best social media aggregator in 2022?

Social media aggregator apps have been here for some time and they are doing wonders for both the offline and online brands out there.

If you want to display your social media feed on your brand’s website, you hire a social media aggregator. If you want to build a picturesque social media wall for your brand, you hire a social media aggregator app. If you try to run a hashtag campaign or your apparel business, you hire a social media aggregator.

Admittedly, there is no better way to integrate your brand’s social voice and showcase the same on any kind of digital display. Right from your website to your in-store digital signage, the linchpin behind the accumulation of your overall social presence and influencing new users by displaying that is a social media aggregator platform.

But, the elemental question that remains is how to analyze and hire the best of the lot.

How to hire the best social media aggregator app that has every feature that your business demands for building strong social proof by displaying your social engagement?

You need to concentrate on the features pack with an aggregator app that can cater to the complex demands of your brand.

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Social Media Aggregator – Social Platform Compatibility

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This is the first thing that you should look into. A versatile social media aggregator needs to integrate with each and every social media platform that exists on the web. Furthermore, it should work equally with different types of social platforms whether it’s text-based, image-focused or video-sharing.

Different business verticals are focused on different types of social media platforms where the major chunk of their users hangs out. So, any versatile social media aggregator should work equally smart when fetching social content from different social platforms.

Added to this, many brands want to integrate multiple social media feeds that originate from different social media platforms. This comes in handy when they try to build their social media wall for specific events or seminars.

So, integration with different social platforms is a bottom-line requirement for a social media aggregator for versatility issues.

Kooyal Aggregator works evenly with the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Wherever your brand exists, socially, you are covered. Further, you can always tell us to pick up new social media platforms when you want that.

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Content Update Frequency
A group of people taking selfie for social media

Content update frequency defines the freshness of the social content that you want to display across different marketing channels.

Now, most of the social media aggregator platforms offer a really narrow update frequency. Further, you can also set the update frequency of your display social content. This feature is fairly common with any social media aggregator application.

But, there is another important feature. And, that’s the real-time update. It has many benefits.

User engagement is the key factor when it comes to any kind of social media marketing and real-time social content update helps to enhance exactly that.

When you engage with your social followers in real-time, it also helps to sharpen your interactive edge. So, when you are looking for a social media aggregator, you always need to look into the fact whether it offers this feature or not.

Keeping this in view, Kooyal Aggregator knows the importance of real-time updates of your social feed. Be it on any kind of display, your social feed remains fresh, interactive, and super engaging with our real-time update feature.

Futuristic Content Moderation

Content moderation is one of the critical issues that come with social media aggregation. There are many parameters of content moderation like:

  • freshness of content
  • most compelling or engaging content
  • spam protection
  • hashtag abuse

At times it’s crucial that you need to display only those contents that are socially aligned to your brand. Further, most brands always look for the ‘happening’ factor of social content. You always look for the most engaging social posts and you want to display them on top of your social wall.

It’s justified.

But, to make it happen you need an array of smart content moderation features from your hired social media aggregator app.

Added to this, you need your social media feed to be free from spammy content. This spam protection also demands a robust content moderation sieve.

Lastly, if you are running a hashtag campaign there is a high probability that your social campaign may get targeted by hashtag abuse. This social media phenomenon is rising and you need to design a social media feed that is not affected by this evil.

So, there is a sea of reasons that tells you to hire such a smart social media aggregator that offers a modern set of content moderation features.

this is where Kooyal Aggregator wins the race with the power of AI (artificial intelligence). We are the only social media aggregator that offers AI-fueled content moderation process.

Our AI engine automatically blocks social posts to enter your social feed that is offensive and abusive to your brand. Further, it also protects your hashtag campaign from hashtag hijacking.

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Responsive Display Settings
displaying of responsive image on different digital display

Social media aggregation always ends in displaying your social feed on any kind of digital display. So, it’s needless to say that your social feed deserves strong and responsive display features that you can alter at a moment’s notice.

You want to showcase a visually brilliant social feed. Whether it’s your website or other marketing channels, a visually compelling display always saves your day.

When you are delivering a visual experience to your users Kooyal Aggregator is the best social media that you can hire. We offer tons of display settings for optimizing your social feed according to your need.

If you are building a social wall for events, displaying social content on your website, running any hashtag campaign for your brand, showcasing your brand’s social engagement on big digital signage boards, or else Kooyal Aggregator enables you to design your social feed for each digital platform with its array of display settings.

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Support for Popular Website building Platforms
icons of different social media platforms

Nowadays there are many popular website-building platforms like Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace while WordPress leads the herd.

Many businesses that are stepping into the web are using these services to build their business website.

Now, the important fact is that how easily you can integrate your social media feed into each of them?

Does your social media aggregator provide an easy integration process? Dedicated plugin for those platforms?

We do that.

We do have integration plugins, dedicated to those popular website-building platforms. Wherever you are, with Kooyal Aggregator you are covered.

You are just a few clicks away to integrate your social media feed into any of these platforms in a painless way.

plugins for different website platforms in Kooyal Aggregator app

Kooyal Aggregator – The only Social Media Aggregator with the power of AI

kooyal Aggregator app featuring AI as social media aggregator app

When it comes to social media aggregation, content moderation and curation are some of the cardinal factors that concern you the most.

We understand that. And, we have integrated an AI engine with Kooyal Aggregator for solving this in the smartest way.

We take your brand’s social influence seriously and our inbuilt AI moderation process ensures that your social media feed remains guarded against each negative and spammy content that comes along with the content fetching process.

Ai-powered content moderation feature in kooyal aggregator

Along with our AI engine, human eyes do the rest of the content moderation.

Absolutely not a single social content gets displayed on your website or social media wall without your permission. You have 100% control over it as our AI moderation process does all the heavy lifting.

The result?

Your brand’s social voice remains unpolluted.

Yes, it’s smart as it’s the future of social media aggregator apps.

Lastly, if you want to have a deeper look at it, always feel free to shoot your queries to us. We will be happy to help you out.

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