Online Reviews for Hotels: Best websites in 2022

What do online reviews mean to travelers and tourism industries?

Let’s find out.

both hotel owners and travelers should have an understanding of travel review websites if they’re dealing with the tourism industry. Lots of shoppers are willing to question the site they’re contemplating when it comes time to make a purchase decision, whether it’s a flight, dining in a new city, or a hotel to stay in.

So, check out the top sites that travelers ought to frequent in 2022. And, you need to be on these awesome platforms to build your business.

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Online reviews and Listings on Google

for online reviews start with google search

While Google is primarily known as a search engine, it has also become one of the largest travel companies worldwide. And, there is a beautiful guide on how hotel owners can start building their business on Google.

Business websites along with earnest reviews offer information available to customers looking for hotels. When searching for a hotel in Copenhagen, the results of my Google search revealed the following.

When a result or multiple results in your search appear on Google it’ll be vital that your small business looks attractive. This way, you can start collecting more Google reviews.

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Facebook Reviews

online reviews for hotels on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world. It’s also the second-largest review site, next to Google, with more than 2 billion people. Make sure that your small company has a Facebook page so you can start getting even more visibility on the platform’s more than 2 billion people.

Facebook is distinctive among online sites because it does not have a 5-star scale. Rather, customers have the ability to Give a Positive Evaluation or Leave a Negative Evaluation.

Expedia (Orbitz,, Travelocity)

online reviews for hotels on expedia

Expedia Group has had the development for many hotel-related sites like Orbitz,, and Travelocity. Together, these sites make up a significant portion of the travel review ecosystem and have aided Expedia Groups Lodging Partner Services page. This guide can help you gain your business on these sites.

Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor reviews

While Google and Facebook have eclipsed sites like TripAdvisor, the site still provides participants with valuable information. TripAdvisor contains 25% of all hotel reviews, and you’ll find a comprehensive guide on our TripAdvisor reviews page.

Bookings (, Kayak, and HotelsCombined)

online reviews on

If you operate a business that rents out rooms, you should register on to maximize bookings. keeps over 29 million listings, including hotels, apartments, and vacation properties.

Additionally, owns and operates other travel websites named Kayak and HotelsCombined, which allow travelers to compare hotel rates and decide which transportation options are available.

Airbnb Reviews

online reviews on Airbnb

Airbnb is primarily a booking platform, but you can also read about ratings from guests. If you have a listing on Airbnb, it is helpful to see what other guests have to say about your house. Check out this guide for more information about our guide to Airbnb ratings.


Hostelworld online reviews

Instead of simply letting users book hostels, hotels, and bed & breakfasts comparatively effortlessly, Hostelworld allows people to selectively list their business on this platform. Start simplifying the way you do business with Hostelworld, which will get you bookings from travelers all over the globe.

Foursquare Reviews

Foursquare online reviews

Foursquare started out as an app that allowed consumers to check in to businesses, but it has since become one of the world’s most widely used review sites. Foursquare was able to secure more than 50 million active users.

Review sites use best practices to heighten their own performance

Now that you know the most important travel review websites, what can you do to maximize the results they provide potential customers? By utilizing the advice from this article, you’ll get the best possible outcome out of your site.

Send your potential and current clients positive feedback when you (can).

Pay attention to the feedback you get from your businesses. Review sites like Google and Facebook urge companies to send review requests to their consumers. As you’ll probably see, encouraging your customers to leave reviews can generate a lot more balanced feedback. You can expect many of your customers with a negative experience to leave a review.

Sending Airbnb Feedback requests for a book too many years after the guest’s stay ends does not make a lot of sense, since guest feedback is sent after the stay has ended.

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Follow and monitor your customer reviews.

displaying customer  feedbacks on mobile

Focusing on your reviews is crucial to your online success. Pay attention to high-star and low-star reviews that are left unresponded to. This is a good method of discouraging customers from buying your products.

Kooyal Reviews can make it easy to monitor negative reviews scattered over multiple travel review websites. The only element of the Kooyal dashboard requires to monitor online reviews is the Review tab. You will see all the active reviews left on a particular site in the Kooyal dashboard. It is an easy task to leave responses on a post spy.

Encourage your review.

When you’re satisfied with your review, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the world. Since, as your customer, no one can sell your enterprise quite like you, a great review can be a terrific marketing tool.

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