Top Google review trends in 2022

Without a doubt, there’s a single website that prevails in terms of customer reviews: Google. Majority of individuals looking to buy a product or use a service turn to Google to find it.

According to a survey by Google, the top review trends for 2022 include: 

– Reviews that are longer and provide more detail 

– Reviews that are more interactive 

– Reviews that are more personal 

– Reviews that are posted on popular platforms like Yelp and Amazon 

Given the increasing importance of online reviews, businesses should continue to focus on creating quality content and engaging with their customers.

Due to the popularity of Google, Google Reviews usage is consistently higher than any other reviews platform such as Yelp.

In the pandemic’s wake, everything changed to a digital-first marketplace. As a result, customers were pleasantly surprised to encounter that business interactions were easier, simpler, and more convenient to conduct online, and by that to conduct their search and make orders.

More good reviews means more traffic, improved search engine rankings, and a better reputation online. If any other product or service gets more reviews than you do for a given search term, it means it is outranking you and consequently gathering more attention from clients. To hedge against that, raise your chances of getting more reviews by sending out review requests to your clients on a regular basis.

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The vast majority of all reviews are left on Google

With 97% of reviews being left on Google, Google Reviews is by far the most popular reviews platform on the internet. This makes Google Reviews an important tool for businesses to use when marketing their products or services.

When businesses are looking to improve their online presence, they should focus on creating high-quality content and good reviews from customers. Not only will this help increase traffic to the business website, but it will also show potential customers that the business is a respected and trusted source of information.

Researchers discovered Google remained the dominant platform for online reviews into 2021, with 71 percent of all reviews being made on the site in 2021 instead of 2020.

Google is continuously being the platform of choice for customers to leave reviews about products and/ or services.

Google continues to gain more reviews

Google’s reviews remained steady in 2020, but we found that the total number of reviews increased significantly in 2021 compared with 2020.

Google is the online platform that customers are probably the most satisfied with when it comes to reviewing products and conducting business. For this reason, local business owners ought to focus on gathering more reviews on Google and promoting their businesses on Google where they have their plans most likely to be reviewed by customers.

Average star ratings on Google by industry 

We did do research to find out which industries depend on reviews the most. We discovered that the auto industry, beauty, finance, consumer, healthcare, home, hospitality, legal, property, and retail industries are most impacted by Google reviews.

Additionally, we discovered that the average Google review score for businesses in these industries was 4.6.6 using the Kooyal review platform in 2021 on average.

What does this finding mean to your company?

Customers often like businesses that are careful to listen and respond carefully listen and respond to their feedback. Whether thanking a customer for a positive review or resolving an issue after a negative one, a personalized review response can be an effective way to communicate with customers. According to research, 63% of negative reviews were resolved by an effective response by the businesses manually.

Why do Kooyal reviews customers get more Google reviews?

Our partnership allows privileged access to our private Google API. This feature makes it possible for Google’s review functionality to seamlessly integrate right into the kooyal review platform.

This limited access to the Google API is part of the Kooyal Platform’s partnership with Google. Google’s review capabilities can be embedded into the platform only by using this privileged access.

With our platform, our customers are commonly able to achieve two-fold higher conversion rates from referral inquiries. Kooyal integrates with over 3,000 different CRMs, PMSs, and other services like Salesforce and Hubspot, so our customers can automate creating referral requests. The result is a steady stream of Google reviews.

How can customers get more Google reviews using the Kooyal reviews?

Kooyal reviews have been developed in cooperation with Google’s API in the wake of the company’s exclusive relationship. This enables Google’s review functions to seamlessly deploy Kooyal’s product. As a result, Birdeye customers assert an average of 195  increase in Google reviews in one year, with two times increased conversion rates from review requests.

How can Kooyal Reviews help your business?

Kooyal Reviews helps you outrank your competition with genuine reviews on Google. Your customers love you, we just make it easier for them to write great reviews for you. Turbocharge your review generation engine. Request, monitor, and respond to customer reviews. 

Kooyal Reviews is specially designed for businesses to increase their reviews on Google (and other platforms such as Facebook Pages). We have partnered with Google and hundreds of online review platforms such as Facebook to help build a solid reputation for your business across the internet. Use one platform to manage your reviews end-to-end.

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