Why embed social media feed on website for brand building in 2022?

If you are new to this concept of social media aggregation or why you should embed social media feed to your website to build your brand, then you have landed on the perfect article.

Now, before we go ahead with this discussion regarding what is a brand in its true meaning, and why you should embed social media feeds on your website to build that, you need to understand the basic difference of every factor that is stipulated here.

Here we go.

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Let us understand what a brand or business is in 2021?

Simply put, your brand is just the aggregation of your products series. Or, it’s just the service you offer. You market your products. Walk into the user’s heart and mind with a vigorous and super-penetrative marketing strategy. Close more sales, and you are building your brand.



Gone are the old days.

Trust me. In 2021 it’s not just the informed reality. Marketing has evolved into a new shape these days, and it’s purely user-centric. Now, your users build your business/brand. At least, global data on the influence of your users on your brand building supports this fact.

There are other reasons too. Still, it would be wise to start with the most important factor of today’s brand building, and that’s your user base.

And, how do you do that? How do you value your users?

Simply embed social media feed on your website.

Right now, you may be thinking that why you should embed social media feed on your website when you already have the same thing working for your brand on different social media profiles.


There is no issue with that. Social media is successful. Already more than 3.5 billion pairs of eyes are on social media and some of them are following your brand’s activity on social media platforms. Now, that’s fine.

But, what about your website? How many of your social followers are landing on your website? How many of them are interacting with your brand? How many are them are talking about you on social media?

Actually, a pretty small percentage of them are doing that. Yes. Now the size of your actual social following is not looking that promising. They are actually not engaging with your brand in a big way.

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Do, you know where the problem is?

Your brand’s website is not as popular as social media platforms. It’s the problem.

The number of users that are connecting with your social content, that actual volume of user engagement is not happening with your brand website. And people are throwing more money at their social media marketing budgets to make magical things happen.

As Statista says, by the end of 2022 advertisers will spend over 56 billion dollars on social media marketing including social promotion of their products.

global social media ad spend graph from statista

But, in an actual sense, they are yet to achieve similar size results as their marketing budget sizes are.

So, how to bridge this gap? How to drive in more and actual user engagement on your website? How will you bring more eyes to your website from where actual sales happen?

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Users. Users…and Users.

Here’s an image of a report from Statista on the impact of user content, reviews, and other formats of user-generated content(UGC) on purchase decision-making of online shoppers of the USA back in 2017.

graph displaying the impact of user-generated content on purchase decision

What is there for you?

Simply, think like your users. Would you like to be mentioned by a brand? Would you like to be seen on a brand’s website? Would you like to be valued?

Yes! Absolutely!

And, it’s evergreen.

Your users like a brand to value them. A personal touch. A sense of oneness with a product that they use. It’s called equal footing. Simply, put your users in the same place your brand exists.

And, that’s your brand website.

Until now, you have tried to put your brand on social media profiles. it worked. Now, it’s time to put your social media on your website. Bring your users home. showcase them on your website. Tell them that you value them.

Your takeaway? Embed social media feed on your website.

Always remember that your social media profiles and your website are two different marketing channels. And, social media has done wonders for tons of businesses and brands across the globe.

But, at the same time, any website as a marketing channel faces issues when growth and engagement are concerned. It was not as successful as social media profiles. For any marketer and business founder establishing their website on the user’s heart and mind has never been a walk in the park.

So, bring social media to your website. Embed social media feed on your website is the first step towards that journey of bringing your users home.

You need to embed a social media feed on your website to enhance other parameters related to your brand too.

social media aggregator to embed social media feed to your website

Now, coming to the other social and marketing parameters of your brand which will tell you why you should embed social media feed on your website. This part of the story is almost known to you. But, we are going to add an interesting angle to it from which you should start assessing these factors.

Ego baiting – Humanize your brand.
a girl jumping with an umbrella in front of a yellow-colored wall

It’s a no-brainer. When you place your users on your website it will help the other users to understand the human side of your brand. New and upcoming marketing approaches and their related data sets are getting pretty vocal about a single thought – do not stay away from your users.

When you embed a social media feed on your website you are walking that extra mile to reach your users and your brand needs it. Work on your user’s mindset. Walk-in their shoes. Tell them that your brand needs them. That’s it.

Brand reach & Visibility – Let people see your brand
employees analyzing marketing workflow on a white board

Who doesn’t want more brand reach and visibility? But, to whom do you want your brand to reach? To whom do you want your brand to be visible?

Your hard-earned users. Tell their stories on your website. Let them walk beside your brand. Turn them into your brand’s followers. Let them talk about your brand to their friends and their families.

Let them market your brand for you and in the most authentic way. Further, when you embed social media feed on your website you are helping your brand to win better visibility by cross-channelizing your users to visit your different social media profiles using your brand’s website as a multi-directional bridge.

Brand Trust & Credibility – Earn it.
artistic view of a black and white chessboard symbolizing brand trust and credibility

Do you know what is the buzzword in the ‘influencing buying decision’ segment of any marketing process?


Nowadays, a user trusts another user’s review or content before he or she makes a purchasing decision. Social media and e-commerce platforms are flooded with similar kinds of user-generated content.

Why not do the same on your website? Brand trust and credibility don’t come from the brand itself. It comes from trusted user reviews. What your users are saying about you is the most important thing that is happening on social media.

You can bring this magical power to your website by embedding social media feed on your website.

User Experience & Engagement – Deliver it in a better way
employees discussing in office symbolizing user engagement

A better user experience drives more user engagement. An enhanced user engagement builds better brand authority. A better authority drives in more users. User engagement gets further enhanced. You close more sales by delivering a better user experience.

Consumers are 9.8 times more attracted to UGC than any influencer content now. Because they offer a better user experience and authenticity. Any website which is visually brilliant by displaying its social voice offers a better user experience.

Further, users also get more engaged with what other users are doing on social media platforms. So, in that way, it brings better user engagement for your brand that happens right on your website.

SEO Juice – Let them stay longer at your website.
artistic image symbolizing growth

Social content has always been enticing for users. When you embed social media feed on your website, you are delivering that edge to the people that land on your website.

Let them engage with the social content placed on your website. Let them engage. Let them take further social actions. Ultimately, they are staying longer on your website and that’s a good metric for the search engines. Your website’s dwell time is increased.

the entire process infuses the SEO juice to your website and helps it to rank higher on the SERPs.

Now, think about all your social profiles, active, live, and spreading social colors on your website. Isn’t that awesome? Yes. And, here’s the part of the story where Kooyal Aggregator walks in.

Kooyal Aggregator – the most versatile social media aggregator platform that your social media marketing needs.

social media aggregator app kooyal aggregator to embed social media feed on your website

Kooyal Aggregator is a social media aggregation platform where you will be able to integrate the social feeds that are coming from your different social media accounts into one single stream of social content and showcase it on your website.

Further, you can choose the theme, the patterns, curate content, and alter other settings related to the display of the social feed. With Kooyal Aggregator it’s fairly easy to aggregate, set up, and display the whole thing within minutes.

Further, we have an in-depth article on this social media aggregation thing and on that article, you will find every bit of guidance that you will require to start with Kooyal Aggregator and set up everything within a blade of time.

Let us walk with you to build your brand.

Lastly, if you have any queries either on embedding social media feed to your website or on the social media aggregation process feel free to bug us anytime. We will be happy to help you, anytime.

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